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Hey ya’ll! I just wanted to share some deals with ya’ll that I’ve found online today!

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Need Some Extra Blog Traffic?

I’ve been trying to build my blog traffic up so that I can eventually quit my full time job and earn money blogging. I know it may seem like a far fetched dream to some, but hey, it’s my dream. I’m tired of being overworked and underpaid. I want to get paid to stay at home and not have to worry about getting up at 5:30 just to get to work by 6:30 and work 10 hour days.  I’m getting real about getting my blog numbers up, y’all!

I’ve done tons of research trying to find out how to build traffic. There’s so much information out there but occasionally I stumble across some really helpful sites. One site that really stands out is Grow Traffic.  They offer services for a fee that help build your traffic, however, they also have free articles on their blog that are extremely helpful. I’ve found several tips there that I will be able to successfully implement on my blog.

The articles on that site are easy to understand and get straight to the point.  That’s a good thing to me because I don’t have the attention span to read intricate articles. I just need something that’s to the point and that’s exactly how the articles on their blog are.  I look foward to growing my numbers using their tips!


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All New Little Passports Science Expeditions

Little Passports Science Expedition

**The links in this post are affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my link.

New From Little Passports

Little Passports has just launched a whole new way to explore the world- Science Expeditions!

Every month, your child will receive a package full of science experiments related to themes like rockets, forensic science, vision, caves and crystals, northern lights and magnetism, hydrology, and so much more!

Little Passports’ Science Expeditions packages include hands-on activities that encourage interdisciplinary thinking — widely thought of as STEAM — which includes science, technology, engineering, art and math.

LP-SciencePresale-200x200-v2 (1)

Don’t miss this deal!

And for a limited time only, Little Passports is offering 15% OFF a 12-month subscription- just in time for the holidays! You can take advantage of this offer by using code:SCIENCE15 at check out. Hurry, this offer won’t last!

**This promotion is valid online only at To redeem enter code SCIENCE15 at checkout. Offer valid on new subscriptions only and cannot be combined with any other offers and/or applied retroactively to previously placed orders. Offer not valid on Personalized Products and Shop items. Offer excludes shipping and taxes. Offer valid from Oct 17th, 2016 at 8:00AM EST to Oct 24th, 2016 at 11:59PM EST.

Inspire your child’s natural curiosity every month with Science Expeditions!

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Sneezing and headache and watery eyes, oh my!

The hubby and I tid-10042902ook the kids to the Hattiesburg Zoo today even though I really didn’t feel like going. My sinuses/allergies have declared war on me and right now, they’re winning. I am hoping to go to the dr tomorrow and gets some meds and/or a shot to help me defeat this pesky mess.  I never knew it was possible for one side of my nose to be stopped up while the other side poured like a faucet. The constant watering eyes and sneezing isn’t fun either.  Oh and let’s not forget the pressure inside my head that feels like someone is tightening a vice.  I have no clue if I have a fever or not because my children seemed to have misplaced the thermometer.  So all I have to go on is my husband feeling my forehead and saying “Hmmm, you feel a little warm.”

So I had to nicely let my boss know that I wouldn’t be able to watch her baby tomorrow so that I could go to the doctor.  I just don’t think that with the way I feel that I would be able to adequately be able to care for her kid.  I hate taking off, but sometimes it’s needed. And I’m really at the point in this job where I’m contemplating on quitting right before Christmas break anyway.  That’s a whole other post that may get written later.  But that has nothing to do with me taking tomorrow off. I feel like poo so therefore I’m taking off to go get meds so I can work the rest of the week and not feel like I’m about to fall over.

I get what I call the “sinus crud” about once a year. Last year I had it so bad that I had fever and chills. I almost thought I had the flu.  I figured it wasn’t the flu though because it only lasted for a few days. So I’m trying to get some meds before it gets to that point this year.  I really hope that the nurse practitioner actually does her job though and gives me something that works instead of just throwing amoxicillan at me.  Ok, she doesn’t literally throw it, but she writes that prescription for every kind of illness. And as much as I hate shots, maybe I’ll convince her to give me one to help encourage my sinuses/allergies to chill out for awhile.

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