Sophi Nail Polish Giveaway

SOPHi Nail Polish Giveaway

Hosted by: Savory Savings

Sponsored by: Piggy Paint

SOPHi Nail Polish Giveaway May 27 - June 11

Awesome giveaway!  Enter to win some Piggy Paint nail polish!


If you have ever gotten a headache from the the smell of getting your nails done, this next giveaway is perfect for you!  The makers of all-natural nail polish for kids, Piggy Paint, have just introduced a natural line of nail polishes for adults and their unique application process gives you a long-lasting and beautiful manicure that looks great without the chemical-smell and harsh ingredients!  Krista over at Savory Savings recently had a chance to try out the newest line and shared her love of these new polishes in a review!

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New Hair Styling Product Set from Madison Reed

*This post contains affiliate links and I will receive compensation if clicked. However I only promote services and/or products I have or would use myself.

You may know that Madison Reed has great hair coloring products, but did you know they also have hair styling products?  The newest one and one that I’d probably also use is the Style and Tame set. I have straight hair, but even it gets a little frizzy even on the best hair days. I know some people think straight hair = sleek hair, but not always. And if you use a flat iron like I do, sometimes it can make the frizziness that much worse. With the Style and Tame set, you apply it to damp hair before you style it. And of course, if you have super curly (or just hair that’s a little wavy) this product will make your curls more tame and sleek. I’ve actually used Madison Reed hair color before and was extremely happy with the results. I have no doubt I’d love this product also!

Here’s a few awesome things about this set:

  • Lightweight, frizz-free hold with STYLE
  • Smooth and shine with TAME
  • Nourishes hair with natural hydrating oils
  • Create both smooth waves and sleek straight styles
  • Make a one-time purchase or schedule convenient deliveries (cancel anytime)

Everything is $10.99 and Under at Crazy 8!

*This post contains affiliate links and I will receive compensation if clicked. However I only promote services and/or products I have or would use myself.

unnamed 3

I just wanted to let my readers know that until 5/28, everything is $10.99 and under at Crazy 8! This is seriously an awesome deal.  There’s a Crazy 8 outlet close to where I live and I am not sure if they even have sales this awesome. So hurry over there while you can and get some great deals on some super cute outfits for your kiddos.


Yeah, sure I will work for free….



I’m an amatuer photographer. I mainly take photos of my family but I have had inquires from people about taking photos for their family.  They usually ask after I’ve posted photos on my facebook. They ask how much I would charge and when I tell them, they usually say something like “Ok, I’ll let you know” and I never hear from them again.  It’s frustrating. I don’t charge pro prices because I am not a pro. However, taking photos is so much more than just pushing a button on a camera.

Most people don’t take into account gas money for driving to the location, the time that goes into composing the shots, the actual picture taking,and then the editing time. Now, I’m not one who does a lot of heavy editing but occasionally, I will add some minor fixes or effects.

Photography is the main business where I see people expected to work for free or for “exposure”.  Really? I wasn’t aware that exposure would pay the bills.  The point is, if you think someone’s photos are good enough that you ask them to provide photography services for you, they deserve to be paid.


How to Keep Your Childcare Provider Happy

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  • Don’t send an excessive amount of toys with your child.  It’s probably a good idea to leave all toys at home.  Most childcare providers have plenty of age appropriate toys for your child. They don’t want to spend their day trying to keep up with toys or keep them from getting broken by other kids
  • Pay your childcare provider on time.  Seriously, this is my biggest complaint.  I have gotten paid late several times because parents either “didn’t have it this week” or they “forgot”. How would you feel if you didn’t get paid when you were supposed to? You’d probably be pretty angry.
  • If you are going to be late, give your childcare provider adequate notice. If you are supposed to pick your child up at 5:30, don’t text/call them at 4:30 and tell them that you have decided to run an errand and will be late.  Providers have a life outside of work just like you do.
  • Drop your child off at the same time everyday. I provided part time care for a child once and the father worked nights. He didn’t have to be at work until later on in the afternoon. However, his drop off time ranged from 10 am-1 pm.  It was tough to keep the other kids on a schedule on the days the child was here.
  • If you have a problem with something that I do, tell me. Don’t run to facebook and vaguely makes statuses about me.  I had a couple of parents (sisters) who didn’t like the fact I was taking a week off.  I gave them ample notice and instead of talking to me about it, they went to their mom who then unfriended me then made a public status about looking for other childcare providers in the area. Looking back in restrospect, I probably should have never “friended” them on facebook.  That’s another topic all together though.
  • Don’t ply your child with children’s pain reliever and then drop them off.  It will become  evident that your child doesn’t feel well once it wears off.  If the child has a fever I will call you to come pick him/her up.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the kids I have kept in my home. It’s usually the parents who really get under my skin.  And I’m a push over so people have taken advantage of me many times. I know there are some awesome daycare parents.  I just haven’t met any of them lol. Seriously, every one I’ve provided childcare for has done one or more things on the list.

If you’re a childcare provider, is there anything you’d add to the list?

Change my own oil? Maybe….

I’m not a girly girl by any means and I don’t mind learning about how to work on cars. However, my husband is the one who changes the oil. It’s not that I couldn’t learn how to, I am just a little leary about getting under a car to do so.  If I had a sturdy car lift though, I wouldn’t mind changing the oil in my car.  Heck, I’d probably even change other people’s oil  LOL. Something like this is what I have in mind:

HDS 14 LSX 200


It’s small but large enough to hold a car up and I’d have enough space to move around so I could see what I was doing.

I decided to check out Best Buy Auto BendPak car lifts and saw that though I can’t afford one right now, in the future it may be a possibility. Then I’m sure I’d have everyone in the neighborhood wanting me to change their oil lol.


Blogger Drama……



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So over the past few days, I’ve been reading about some pretty heavy blogger drama. Allegedly, a blogger has scammed people out of money and people who have won giveaways have yet to receive prizes.  While the prize thing is discouraging, I am more concerned about the people who are out large amounts of money.  Do I believe this blogger scammed people? Yes. There have been far too many people who have come out and told stories and provided evidence against this blogger.

My blog is not very big and I’ve never had the money to pay for advertising. I’m sort of glad I never had the extra money because chances are, I’d have probably dealt with this particular blogger if I did.  I may have been in some giveaways that this person put together but I’m not totally sure. But nothing I had to put money into.   I know I was in a few groups in which this person was an admin.  I have sense taken myself out of those groups.  I just don’t understand why people think it’s ok to steal money from others and their families.

I just hope that all this gets resolved and the people who have lost money are able to recoup it.  Even though I’m not a big name blogger by any means, I still hate to see fellow bloggers get taken advantage of like this.

After all of this is resolved legally, I will be linking to various posts about this person. I just don’t want to do anything right now since I’m not involved in this situation.  To my fellow bloggers out there who were affected by this, I support you and I hope this is rectified soon!



Fun at Home Activities for Your Preschooler

It’s been a long, cold winter, and it’s understandable if you and your preschooler are both starting to go a little bit stir-crazy from being cooped up inside. To inject some excitement into your normal routine, try introducing these fun, new activities that the two of you can do together at home.

Gone Fishin’
This activity helps to develop your preschooler’s alphabet skills, number skills, and fine motor skills.

Items needed:
1. Magnetic letters and numbers (Those colorful plastic pieces that are probably hanging on your refrigerator right now).
2. A bucket or large bowl
3. A large paperclip
4. A Popsicle stick
5. A piece of string
6. A magnetic whiteboard and dry-erase marker (optional)

Fill your bucket or bowl with the magnetic letter and numbers. Using a length of string, tie one end to your paperclip and the other end to your Popsicle stick. This will become the fishing rod your child will use to drop into the bucket and catch a letter or number. For every item caught, have your child stick it to a magnetic whiteboard and then have them copy the figure with a dry-erase marker. If you don’t have a whiteboard, have them stick the items to your refrigerator and copy them with a pencil and paper.

Countdown to chow-down
This activity will help with counting skills and number recognition.

Items needed:
1. Empty egg carton
2. Sheet of paper
3. Scissors
4. A pen or marker
5. Small food items

Cut out 12 small paper circles that would fit inside the bottom of an empty egg carton. Number the slips of paper, 1 through 12, and place each in order into the hollows of the carton. Pick out small food items that your preschooler loves to snack on, such as popcorn, chocolate chips, cheerios, dried cranberries or raisins. Have your child count out piles of the snack that represent each number, 1 through 12, on the table. Then have them place each pile into the corresponding numbered section in the egg carton. Once they have filled all of the sections, start again but in reverse. First have your preschooler identify each written number, then have them count their items out to match each number. Finally, eat and enjoy!

Mess-free marbled painting
This activity helps bring out your child’s artistic side, in a completely mess-free way!
1. 1 Large zip-top freezer bags
2. Painter’s tape
3. Paper
4. Tempera paint, in two primary colors.

Squeeze two dollops of paint, in two different primary colors, into a heavy-duty zip-top freezer bag. Squeeze all of the air out of bags, removing any air bubbles, before sealing the top. Place a sheet of white paper on your table, then place the paint-filled bag on top of that. Tape the whole thing to your table using painter’s tape around all four edges. Then let your preschooler play, squishing and swirling the paint to see what new colors are made when the paints are mixed together. They can then continue to experiment with the blended paint by dragging their fingers across the bag to draw different shapes and designs.

All it takes is a little imagination to create some at-home activities to beat the winter boredom blues. By completing these activities, your preschooler will learn important skills while having fun at the same time.


Aubrey Moulton is a writer for, a leading provider in safe, secure and fun Preschool for children in Utah county!

List of Awesome Coupon Sites!

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I try to save money wherever I can and sometimes that means using coupons.  I don’t get the Sunday paper so I have to print the coupons out from home. Here are the ones I love:

Are there any coupon sites you can think to add to this list?

When is a Party Not a Party?

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I guess this is a reply to the reply in reference to a post that has been going around about the “parties” (i.e. where people try to get you to spend your hard earned money on gimmicky products).  First of all, if that’s what people consider  a party, then maybe they should get out more. Seriously. Unless there’s wine and/or food involved, it’s not a party. Also, most of the time, people at parties don’t try to sell you stuff you really don’t need.

These types of businesses have been around long before Facebook (hello, Amway, anybody?). It didn’t seem as annoying then because people were not inundated with posts about “try this new wrap thing” or “buy this overly priced diet stuff that probably won’t work”.  I don’t even know how people networked back then with these kinds of businesses but they had to actually get out there and work to do it. Now, people can post about their parties and/or add people to groups on Facebook.  And the whole thing with being added to a group. It’s like you don’t want to be rude and take yourself out of the group, but you also don’t want to see the whole “Don’t forget to come to the party tonight!” messages either.  So it’s kind of a lose/lose situation.

Now, I’m not saying that some of these products don’t work.  I think they do, to an extent. I also understand that people are trying to make a living.  However, I’ve never seen anyone who has become wealthy from selling any of the various products I’ve seen making the rounds on Facebook.  I’ve been asked to host parties and I won’t do it because I don’t want to annoy my friends and make them feel obligated to come.  They say there’s no pressure to buy anything. However, there most certainly is.  With most of these parties, the more the hostess sells, the more free or discounted stuff he/she gets.  And they make sure that the people who come to these parties know that. So yeah, sure, no pressure there.  That’s why I’ve stopped going to these get togethers.  I always feel bad if I don’t buy something,so I spend money I really don’t have to help them out. Now, I just either don’t respond to the invite or I tell them I’m busy.

One more complaint I have about the people who sell these items is that I get texts and messages from people who never talk to me, especially family. My attitude is this, if I am not good enough to invite to other gatherings you have, then don’t invite me to a shindig hoping I’ll buy something from you.

I won’t unfriend someone if they invite me to these sorts of parties, however, I will stop following you on Facebook and turn off notifications for whatever groups I am added to pertaining to magic diet pills/wraps/wax warmers/facial cleanser..etc.  I am sure I’m not the only one who is annoyed by it.

Just my 2 cents on the whole thing, take it or leave it ;).