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Even people who consider themselves “grammar nerds” need a little help sometimes. It’s difficult to remember all of the grammar rules and spell every word correctly all of the time. That’s when The World’s Best Grammar Checker, aka Grammarly can be a big help. As many writers and bloggers know, people do judge you based on whether or not you use correct grammar. However, writers are human so sometimes they make mistakes. It’s always good to proofread what you’ve written and Grammarly makes that easy. They offer an automatic proofreader which can save you tons of time. Also, they have a plagiarism checker which I imagine comes in handy to all of the editors and teachers out there.
It’s not just beneficial for writers though. Even if you aren’t a writer, you could benefit from Grammarly’s proofreader. I can’t tell you how many times I needed a proofreader for my emails. Sometimes I get in a hurry and don’t bother to proofread before I send just to see later on that I had an error. A proofreader could have saved time and embarrassment. I hate it when people think I can’t spell LOL.
So if you’re looking for a great proofreader, give Grammarly a try!

I Miss My Camera……

My camera decided to poop out on me,so I guess I’m going to send it in to have it fixed. I have a backup camera but I want mine to work. And as I was thinking about cameras, I thought back to a few years ago when a local photographer decided to stalk my blog(to this day I have no clue how she found it). She never commented but she messaged me on facebook and some of the stuff she said I knew she had read my blog. Oh and another reason is that I mentioned I really wanted to buy a full frame camera (D800) but how I did’t have the money to spend on it. Within the next week after I had written that post, she went out and bought one. Continue reading “I Miss My Camera……”

Another exciting dentist visit

I got my dental work for my bridge done last week. That was an….interesting experience. If you want to read all about why I am having to get a bridge in the first place, go here. I’d read up on what the dentist has to do to get teeth ready for a bridge, which, in my case, is 3 crowns. So not only is it expensive, the whole experience is not fun at all. Not that I have ever though a trip to the dentist was fun but you get the idea. I knew when they asked if I wanted the gas that this was probably going to be a drawn out thing. I mean they didn’t even ask that when I had to get the toot pulled. Continue reading “Another exciting dentist visit “

Hey guess what I found in my Cheetos?

So a few weeks ago, I had something happen that still makes me cringe to think about. It was back in December, the same day I had to get my tooth pulled. I hadn’t eaten all day and so when I got home, I decided to heat up a philly steak and cheese hot pocket and grab a small bag of Cheetos. Now, Cheetos are not my favorite by far. I’m more of a Doritos girl. But since no one else in my house really likes Cheetos either, that’s the only thing that was left. I ate the hot pocket and then got a handful of Cheetos. I started chewing when I noticed that bit down on something harder than a Cheeto. Continue reading “Hey guess what I found in my Cheetos?”