6 Binge Worthy TV Shows to Check Out

I tend to be the kind of person who will get into tv shows for a few seasons and then lose interest. Then there are some shows that I just need to catch up on. So here’s my top list of shows I think you should check out, in no particular order.

1. The Mist: It’s first on the list because I just started watching it. It’s based on the Stephen King book. So far, it’s very different from the movie, which I didn’t really like,mainly because of the end. But the show looks like it has promise.

2. The Flash: I’m a big fan of super hero show/movies, but I know people who aren’t big superhero fans who like this show. Grant Gustin is plays a great Flash and the story lines are always engaging.

3. Riverdale: Based on the Archie comics, which I’ve never read but I know about them. I mean, who doesn’t. From what I’ve seen, Riverdale is darker than the comics and I think that’s a good thing. I have gotten hooked on this show and binge watched it on Netflix.

4. Little Women of LA: File this show under “guilty pleasures”. It’s one of the few reality shows I enjoy. My favorite on the show is Terra. I just love her spunky attitude. I could defintely see myself hanging out with her.

5. Stranger Things: If you don’t get Netflix for anything other than to watch this show, you won’t be disappointed. It’s one of those shows that pulls you in and leaves you wanting more.

6. Arrow: Yes, another super hero show. Oliver Queen, a rich super hero who is great wtih a bow and arrow and also the ladies. This show crosses over with a few other superhero shows on the CW, including The Flash.

Well, that’s it, that’s my list. Are there any tv shows you think I should check out? Leave me a comment and let me know which one(s).

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3 Easy Mother’s Day Craft Ideas

Mother’s Day Craft Ideas

When Mother’s Day rolls around, kids want to show their moms just how special they are. Store-bought gifts and cards are nice, but they lack that personal touch. Something made just for Mom has much more sentimental value, and kids don’t have to spend much money (if any) on it.

Even toddlers can make Mother’s Day crafts with a little help. Here are a few things that kids can make for Mom.


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Random Thoughts on Homeschooling

What About Socialization?

Homeschooling isn’t for everyone, I get that. I get so many “Oh, I could never have the patience to do that.” and “How do your kids socialize?” Well for one, patience doesn’t have much to do with it. I don’t have much of it at all. I just want better for my kids. I want better for them than for them to sit in a classroom with 30 other kids for 8 hours a day. I know for a fact that my youngest wouldn’t do well in a classroom setting like that. He has ADHD (regardless of what some people think, it is real) and he would get bored very easily. He isn’t the kind of child who can sit still all day long. And since he homeschools, he doesn’t have to. He can finish his schoolwork and then have the rest of the time to do what he wants. My daughter didn’t care for all the petty drama that goes on in jr high and so she started homeschooling a couple of years ago. She has been able to focus on her school work and not what latest rumor the token mean girl has started. And like my son, she can do her work on her time. She can spend more time on things if she needs to or move to the next if she understands it.
And as for socialization, Rhiannon has friends she made while she was in school. She’s had the same best friend since 6th grade. Trey, on the other hand, makes friends wherever he goes. He can get along with kids of all ages and can hold a conversation with any adult. So they are not lacking in social skills by any means.

State Testing 
I know there are some good schools out there. But from what I’ve seen over the past few years, they focus entirely too much on state testing. Testing that doesn’t really gauge how smart a child is. However, the teachers have to focus on it for more than half the year because if the students don’t score well, it reflects on the teachers and then their jobs on are on the line, which I don’t agree with at all.  There are teachers who want to teach their students things they will actually need to further their education, but they are prevented from doing so by the state. That’s yet another reason I love homeschooling. In my state, kids who are not in public school don’t have to take the state tests.  This is only my opinion but I think those tests do nothing for the students or teachers other than cause more stress than is needed.
I don’t feel like a public school setting could give my kids anymore that what they get from homeschooling. People also feel like homeschooling is too expensive. For me, it’s no more expensive than having to buy uniforms and school supplies. There is plenty of curriculum to choose from that is free or inexpensive. You can also put together your own curriculum.

Free Resources

If you are thinking about homeschooling, here’s a few resources to get you started:

HSLDA: Information about every state and their laws pertaining to homeschooling can be found here.
Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschooling: My son does some of his schoolwork from this site. It’s free and there’s a ton of stuff here.
Khan Academy: This site has mostly math, but also some science and history. And it’s free!
Discovery K12: My daughter uses this site for her classwork. It’s divided up by grade level and you can log attendance and when an assigment has been finished. It is also free.

If you have any other resources you’d like added to this list, leave me a comment and I will add them here.

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Biloxi road trip

My daughter, Rhiannon, had a dance competition in Biloxi(“buh-luh-ksee” not “bi-lox-see”) so we turned it into a road trip and stayed in a nearby town the whole weekend.  We even got to take my granddaughter, Kali, with us.  She’d never been to the beach so I thought she’d enjoy it.  The beaches there are beautiful and clean. They aren’t nearly as crowded as the ones in Florida.  The only thing is that since the Mississippi and Pearl Rivers empty into our gulf, the water isn’t a pretty green. It’s not quite as dark as river water, but not clear like the rest of the coast.  I don’t care to get into the water anyway, so I just stay on the beach.

There are many casinos close to the beach. I think at one time they had to be on the water, but after Hurricane Katrina, they are allowed to build them so far from the beach.  I think that’s why the beaches look so clean now because the casinos aren’t right on the water.  There’s also plenty of places to dine.  If you like seafood, you’re in luck.  Most everywhere on the coast serves seafood.  In fact, it would be difficult to find one that doesn’t.  And if you go, don’t forget to visit the Biloxi visitor center. It’s beautiful and admission is free.  If you’re looking for a nice quiet vacation destination or a quick road trip, then plan a visit to Biloxi. It’s one of my favorite places.

Trey and Kali on the beach

Trey and Kali


The Broadwater Resort and President Casino were located here but were destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. If you are interested in the history of the resort and casino, check out this link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/President_Casino_Broadwater_Resort.
Road trip
Just a photo of the beautiful beach.
road tripAnd a photo of the lighthouse in the distance and the beach. 

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