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OXO Tot Air Stroller Giveaway ends 11/24

I told you guys that I would find some giveaways for you!  This would be a great stroller to have for your little ones!

Hosted by:

Co-Hosted by: Homeschool Insights, Love, Mrs. Mommy , From Moms to Grandmas

Sponsored by: OXO

Enter for your chance to win:OXO Tot Air Stroller

Open to: US

OXO: OXO makes 1,000+ products covering numerous areas of the home. There big philosophy is Universal Design; basically, creating products that almost anyone can use. OXO tot brand was inspired after a baby boom in the office. When their employees faced parent pet peeves firsthand, they decided to start problem solving. OXO tot line covers a number of products such as feeding, seating, and on-the go for your littles one.

Read more about the Air Stroller Here


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Wow…it’s already fall!

I haven’t meant to neglect my blog. I have been so busy with school. I decided to go back and get a Bachelor’s in Graphic Design. I do have an Associates, but it’s a technical degree so I didn’t have to take stuff like College Algebra or English Composition.  I actually had already taken English Comp I several years ago. So I am taking English Comp II this semester. It is kicking my butt. I am normall a A/B student in English, but apparently writing papers is just not my thing.  At least not the way this teacher wants me to write.  As far as College Algebra, I had to drop it.  I wasn’t doing too hot in that class and I just didn’t understand the material. Of course all of my classes are online. I’m thinking that maybe I should have taken College Algebra on campus. I’m not sure I would have grasped the concept much better, but at least I’d be able to ask questions in real time.  Math has never been my thing anyway. I started having trouble with math in probably 6th grade. I just can’t wrap my head around math concepts, especially College Algebra. It’s like I’m trying to read a foreign language.  School is just making me feel really stupid right now.

My younger two are in full swing with homeschool.  My oldest is 20 now and works away from home for several months at a time. He’s in South Carolina right now.  He’s also newly engaged. It’s crazy that I have a child who is old enough to be getting married.  His fiancee is the sweetest girl. They’ve been dating for 4 years so she’s already pretty much a part of our family, but I’m glad it’s going to be official.  My stepdaughter moved to Ohio with her kids. She didn’t even tell me in advance or anything, so my feelings were hurt.  I had the kids the previous weekend (3 yr old and a 7 month old) and took them back home on Monday.  I messaged her later that week to check on her and the kids and that’s when she told me that she and the kids had moved.  I was dumbfounded to say the least. I’m not sure exactly what happened.  She just said that she couldn’t handle staying in the apartment complex she was in any longer.  I understand that, but sheesh, did she have to move 12 hours away? I was used to getting the kids every other weekend or so and now I’m going to have to drive to get them.  And I’m sure you’re wondering why Ohio? Her mom moved there a few months back. I’m hurt because her mom rarely helped her or the kids. I was the one who took my stepdaughter places she needed to go and babysat the kids while she worked. So for her to just up and move was kind of a slap in the face.  I don’t expect a medal for helping her out, but a little appreciation would be nice.

So yeah, that’s what’s been going on around here the past few months. I’m going to find some giveaways to post, so check back soon!

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Art Mistakes Everyone Makes

Art mistakes everyone makes


Art is, and probably will forever be, an integral part of decorating and making a home feel more homely, however, most of us have or will make mistakes when it comes to hanging art within our home-decorating lives. To help you avoid making some of these mistakes, here we have listed a few of the most common mistakes people make…


Hanging art too high

It’s the most common art hanging mistake, but also the easiest to fix. Make sure you take the time to do it properly, rushing it is when you are most likely to make mistakes when it comes to hanging art. It’s best to do this with at least one other person so they can help you put it in the right place and give you their advice to good positioning. Place your piece of art when you are stained on the floor so you can really see what it will look like from a true perspective. Avoid standing on chairs or other items that lift you higher and distort your perspective until you need to put the nails in the wall.


Too matchy-matchy

Your art is the best opportunity to break free from the confines of colour palettes, so don’t get stuck thinking you can only display art that has a mix of the colours that are in the rest of the space. If you are looking for some inspiration to break away from the ‘norm’ take a look at Evolution Fine Art, they have some really beautiful pieces for every style.


Not thinking the wall collage through

Only the very lucky can brave their way through eye-balling hanging a wall collage and end up with the best outcome. It doesn’t matter what methods or tricks you use, just use one that will allow you to get the feel of your wall collage plans — experience whether it will come off feeling energetic or calm —before you start banging a bunch of holes in your wall.


Not enough variety
It’s called the art gallery effect, and it’s when you hang the exact same type of art on every wall in every room of your home. It’s also known as “boring.” Switch up canvases and framed art. Hang tapestries. Pin up quilts. Find a collection of all farm tools to attach to a wall. The point is, search far and wide for art pieces so it doesn’t end up looking like there should be a wine and cheese table in the corner.


Filling every wall up

This can be tough for folks who collect a lot of art, but it’s the kind of restrictions that could lead to lovelier, less hectic spaces. Just because you have walls, this does not mean you need to fill them ALL up with art. It can make a space feel and look very cluttered and actually take away from the pieces you do have. Depending on the space you have, think it through before nailing anything in and maybe think less is more when it comes to wall space.


Not hanging things securely or properly

Speaking of crooked artwork, are you only hanging art with one nail, so it’s always tilting out of place? You don’t have to bolt every frame into your walls, but don’t let the excitement of hanging something up get in the way of thoroughly thinking out what kind of hanging tools and hardware your art pieces need to go up securely.

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