I have to say I am really disappointed in how things at my old school have been going lately. It’s one of the main reasons I homeschool Rhiannon and Trey. Jake still goes there, but that’s because he wants to. Honestly, I think most of the problems are in the elementary and middle school. In my opinion, the admins are just as much bullies as some of the kids. I had an issue with the person who was the middle school principal who was there whenever Jake was at that school. That vp has since moved to the elementary school. And there’s a former teacher who is now the vp at the middle school. I won’t go into details about what all happened but I will say that the admin I had problems with lied to my face and changed her story several times.
And apparently, stuff like that is still going on. A parent’s child is being bullied and physically threatened(bully threatened to stab the other child). The parents went to the school admins, then the superintendent. Nothing was done to the bully. They then pressed charges and went to court but so far, nothing has really been done. The parent created a page as a forum to discuss issues happening at the school. A few people have made fake accounts and started bashing the page. Now keep in mind, no one on the page has mentioned names,just situations. I would understand someone getting angry if names were being put out there, but that hasn’t happened. Also, let me mention that this school is not a huge school. It’s not tiny, but it’s small enough to where there are society “cliques”. I guess some people don’t realize that popularity contests should be left in high school.
There’s a school board meeting tonight and the creator of the facebook page is going. I am hoping that they can get their situation worked out. It’s not right for a child to go to school and have to deal with bullies. And I also have no respect for the parents of the bully. If the bully has charges pressed against her, the parents must know what is going on. They should be trying to do everything they can to ensure that their child stops bullying the other child. But sometimes either the parents don’t care or they encourage that sort of behavior. If that’s the case then they are just as guilty as their child.

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