Randomness from my 12 year old daughter today “Mom, can I be a ninja when I grow up?”

I always tell my kids they can be whatever they want to be but I don’t think she’d be well suited as a ninja. She is her mother’s daughter so she has my love for talking and she’s also has as much gracefulness as a bull in a china shop like my sister (sorry, Court, but she does take after you with that haha).  Those two traits would make a surprise attack nearly impossible LOL.

Trey has been informing me about cochlear implants all day.  I think he knows more about them than some adults do.  He has watched one video so many times, he can repeat it verbatim.  I just wish he would be that interested in math. It would make teaching it to him a whole lot easier.

And then this week, Jake, the one in high school is taking state tests. I really really dislike those things. I think that the schools should focus more on actually teaching them things instead of focusing on those tests. I know it’s not the teacher’s choice though. I’m sure they’d like  to work on other things too. But I know they are under pressure for the kids to do well because from my understanding, their jobs depend on it.

They get out of school on the 24th and I know they are looking forward to sleeping late and not having to worry about homework. And I’ll have to be sure to keep the cabinet stocked and find stuff for them to do so they aren’t arguing every 5 minutes. Sounds like fun, huh?

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