6 Places to Visit in Mississippi

6 Places to visit in Mississippi

Mississippi may not seem like the best place to go for a vacation, but think again! We do have some pretty awesome places to visit. Here’s a few of my favorites that are great for the whole family!

  • Mississippi Museum of Natural Science. Located in Jackson, MS, this museum is 73,000 sq ft of awesome. There’s also 300 acres of natural landscape and 2.5 miles of nature trails. Inside the museum is a 100,000 gallon aquarium system which is home to various aquatic animals, many of which are native to Mississippi.
  • Mississippi Children’s Museum. Also located in Jackson (next to the Natural Science Museum). It hosts exhibits featuring five themes: Mississippi heritage, health and nutrition, literacy, cultural arts, and science and technology.
  • Old Capitol Museum. If you are a history buff like I am, you will probably enjoy visiting the Old Capitol. Built in 1839, this was the Capitol building until 1903. This was the place where some of Mississippi’s most important legislative action took place.
  • The Jackson Zoo. The largest zoo in Mississippi. Originally opened in 1919 and run by the city until 1986. The Jackson Zoological Society, Inc. has managed the zoo since then. Located on 110 acres with 54 of those acres are developed. There are 125 species, 400 animals and 12 of those are endangered.
  • Geyser Falls Water Theme Park. Located in Choctaw, MS. Features several waterslides, including a 6 story free fall speed slide. There’s also a lazy river,children’s play/slide area, man made beach and 2 restaurants..
  • Hattiesburg Zoo. This zoo is in south Mississippi and is smaller than the Jackson zoo. However, it is charming with lots of things to do. A SplashPad for the kiddos has recently been added

These are by no means the only things to do in Mississippi. It’s just the places I have been to frequently and love! For more information on Mississippi and all of the other wonderful things this state has to offer, please visit http://www.visitmississippi.org/

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  1. these sound like some great places to visit! Only time I’ve been to Mississippi was for a golf tournament in Biloxi lol….

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