Adventures at the Zoo

These are photos from our trip to the Hattiesburg Zoo. I think I promised to post some a few weeks ago. It was a pretty warm day but not hot like it is in the summer time. It’s been a few years since we have been and so they’ve added a few new things. I remember when this zoo was free and had just a few animals. Now it costs a few dollars to get in but they are always adding new exhibits. Click “continue reading” to see the photos!

These are Ring Tailed Lemurs. I just love them!

Capybara, the world’s largest rodent

Beautiful swan

Siberian Tigers, always a favorite

This is a hawk, though I’m not sure exactly what kind this is…

Some kind of monkey, I can’t remember the name though.

This aligator is huge. I don’t think the pictures show just how big he is!

I certainly wouldn’t want to have to retrieve anything from him!

I have several more photos so I will do a part II to this post later.

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