Another exciting dentist visit

I got my dental work for my bridge done last week. That was an….interesting experience. If you want to read all about why I am having to get a bridge in the first place, go here. I’d read up on what the dentist has to do to get teeth ready for a bridge, which, in my case, is 3 crowns. So not only is it expensive, the whole experience is not fun at all. Not that I have ever though a trip to the dentist was fun but you get the idea. I knew when they asked if I wanted the gas that this was probably going to be a drawn out thing. I mean they didn’t even ask that when I had to get the toot pulled.

I ended up getting the nitrous oxide because hey, if I’m at the dentist, I might as well enjoy not caring about anything for awhile, right? The dental assistant put the swab with the numbing medicine (I’m guessing it’s kind of like a strong oragel) on my gums. She then asked if I wanted the tv on and I said “Sure”. She turned it on some show on the DIY network. It was actually pretty interesting. She left the swab there for like 10 minutes so not only was my gum numb, my throat was too. I was hoping that it would dull the pain of the shot, but it didn’t really. It still hurt so much that my eye started watering. Of course, the dental assistant thought I was crying and she was like “I know that area is usually really sensitive”. Ya, you don’t say? I didn’t actually say that but I was thinking it.
She and the dentist left the room so my mouth could get good and numb. I was watching tv and actually enjoying the tv show. I don’t know if it’s because I actually liked what was on or maybe it was because the gas had my head swimming. At least I wasn’t bored though. The dentist and his assistant come back in just as I was going to find out which home the woman on the tv show was going to pick. Once they started working on my teeth, I couldn’t hear anything but a drill and the water/suctioning going on. And I couldn’t see the tv either. It would have been a nice distraction. It took the dentist quite a while to get my teeth shaped just right for the crowns. And of course after they were done, they had to take an impression. I had to bite down on this gooey mint tasting stuff for like 3 minutes. It was not comfortable at all. But I did it because I want my bridge to look and feel real. Heck, for what I’m paying for it, they’d better look so realistic another dentist would barely be able to tell it’s a bridge. The of course they made me a temporary bridge right there in the office. It took the dental assistant several times to get it filed down to where it would fit right. It still doesn’t fit exactly like it should and is causing my bite to be off a bit, but it’s better than not having anything there. Oh and before she put the temporary bridge in, she was trying to dry off the teeth it would fit on. Let me tell you, when that cold air hit those teeth, I just about jumped up out of that chair. The teeth were super sensitive because they had been drilled and shaped for the crowns. The dental assistant said “I’m so sorry, they must be really sensitive.” Gee, ya think? Once again, I didn’t say that, I just nodded. She said they were probably dry enough anyway. Once she got the temporary bridge on, the sensitivity subsided.
She told me not to be put off by what the temporary bridge looked like because the permanent one would look more realistic and closer to my actual teeth. I sure hope so because I do not like the look or feel of this temporary one at all. But at least there’s something there.

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