attitude, much?

We were going to try to go see Iron Man 3 today but the showing we wanted to see was sold out. I think they had one at 5:30 but it was only 3:00 and I didn’t want to have to find something to do for 2 hours or so.  They had “XD” tickets on sale for a 4:00 showing but they were $13.00!  The matinee price is $5.25, I think. I am not even sure what XD is but I was not going to pay nearly $8 more per ticket for it.  Theater prices are too high already, if you ask me. Not to mention their concession stand is ridiculously priced too.  We stood in line for about 5 minutes before we decided to just wait and see it some other time. But right before we got out of line, this big, heavy set guy butts in front of us and throws his ticket in the little slot below the booth glass and says “I want you to exchange this ticket for a 3:15 showing because I missed my 2:00 show because I was waiting on popcorn!” She told him that showing was sold out. He then said “Well, I just want a refund then and I want the name and number of the manager too!”  He was very rude and just hateful to the poor girl.  It wasn’t even her fault.  She gave him something to fill out for the refund and he said “I’m gonna take as long to fill this out as it did to get my popcorn.”  He didn’t even care that there were people behind him.  He was an inconsiderate, rude jerk.  I will say that the girl never got an attitude back with him. She just calmly spoke to him and did what he asked.  She’s better than I would have been. I am not a difficult person to get along with. If you’re nice to me, then I’ll be nice to you. But if you come to me with an attitude, I will dish it right back. Which is why I don’t work in customer service LOL


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