Blogger drama.


I just received a comment from someone talking about another blogger not being who she says she is.  It infuriated me. Not because I know the blogger personally(I’ve only commented on her site a couple of times) but because the person who left the comment assumed I was friends with the person.  For one, that’s no one’s business and two, I don’t appreciate someone bringing unnecessary drama to my site. Believe me, I have enough stupid people in real life who cause drama and I don’t care to  stress over internet drama.

I have moderated comments and though it was done mainly for spam purposes, I am glad I have it for people who want to try to make derogatory comments about another blogger.  I think it’s kind of pathetic to have multiple domains about someone talking about how they have different aliases.  I have someone in real life who has stirred up so much trouble with me, but yet you don’t see me out here calling her out by name and buying a domain so I can talk about her.  It’s not worth my energy. So whoever has made the website, please move on and get a new hobby.

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