Be More Human

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Be More Human

Reebok has this nifty little quiz you can take to find out your “Human Score”. It’s part of their “Be More Human” campaign. I took the quiz located here and I got “Brain Buff”. This is how that was described on the quiz

Hey Brain Buff, you make for a pretty great human specimen. Brain Buffs do more than keep their bodies fit – they actively work to keep their minds sharp. With their curious nature and insatiable hunger for knowledge, they’re always on the go. For Brain Buffs, there is pretty much no end to self-improvement. There is always room upstairs to add more theories, ideas and wisdom. They make it a point to regularly challenge themselves to think big thoughts way outside the box. And they are rigorous thinkers inclined to do their own research and ask questions rather than take information at face value. Smarty-pants Brain Buffs use all their intellectual gifts to help reach their fullest human potential.”

I haven’t been keeping up with my fitness like I should. But I am hoping to get back to jogging. And my sister wants me to sign up for the Electrodash next month. So that will give me some motivation to get back to working out.

So go take the quiz and let me know what it said about you!

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My new scale is NOT my friend. It says I weigh 5 lbs heavier than my old scale. Ah…oh well. It does have some extras like telling me my bmi, water percentage, pounds I’ve lost and how many pounds I have to go until my goal weight. At least it doesn’t say “Get off of me and go run!” LOL. I did get to go for my walk/jog yesterday though and today I’ve already gotten a little circuit training in. I guess I’ll hit the weights later. Then hopefully, I’ll get up early enough to go jog tomorrow. I’ve gotta get ready for the Color Me Rad 5K in March.
So far, I’ve done really well on eating. Yesterday, I don’t think I even ate all my calories, yet I was full. The only thing I think I need to change is my breakfast. I had 2 of those small sausage biscuits (300 calories just for two of those!). For a snack I had 2 oat and honey granola bars. Then for lunch, I’m having lemon pepper chicken, green beans, and corn. And I have meat in the crock pot for beef stew tonight. I think if I can keep on eating this way, I should get rid of some weight. I am trying to stay away from junk food, especially doritos…oh how I love doritos. But I do feel better not eating all that junk :).
If anyone has any weight loss tips, please feel free to share!

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