Vacation, drama, and a Job.




I just realized I hadn’t written a personal post in awhile. So here goes.  I went on vacation to see my bestie back in July.  Then towards the end of July, my step daughter did something to warrant us to get into an argument with her and ask her to leave. We told her our granddaughter could stay but she couldn’t. Of course, she took my grand daughter with her and has refused to let us see her.  I’m upset about that, but I’ve been praying.  It’s really all I can do right now.

If you want to know the whole reason we asked her to leave, you can read about it here and here. I’ve tried all I can to help my stepdaughter, but she doesn’t want to change. I can’t have here here doing the things she does and have it affecting my kids. I just hate that she’s using her daughter against us. I’m really bummed about not being able to see her.

But other than that, things are ok around here. So I found a job but I enjoy it.I started going to my cousin’s house and caring for her precious 7 month old.  She’s super spoiled, but so cute.  I get to sit and hold an adorable baby all day and watch tv LOL.  I homeschool my kids, but my 15 yr old needs very little supervision and my 11 yr old likes to do his school work in the late afternoons. So it works for us.  Rhiannon decided she wanted to be on the dance competition team this year so this babysitting opportunity was perfect.

My oldest son works for a local drilling company and is gone during the week. He’s home some on the weekends, but he spends a lot of time with his girlfriend (who is just the sweetest girl). He still lives here. Or I guess I should say he still stores his things here and sleeps here.  He doesn’t really spend a whole lot of time with us when he’s off work.  However, I’m glad that he’s so independent.  He works hard and I’m super proud of him.

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One Sure Way to Get the Kids Out of the House a Bit!

It’s almost summer time (even though here in Mississippi, it already feels like summer!). And kids are going to want to play outside.  Sure, they can play in a pool, play tag, hide and seek but most kids love to play on swing sets.  More specifically those big cedar swingsets that have all of the bells and whistles.  I know they have a lot of those types of play sets at the park, but really, who wants to have to load all the kids up in the car to go to an over crowded park. I know it’s not my favorite thing to do.  It would be so much easier to just buy one for your yard.  It’s something that will definitely keep the kids out of your hair for awhile. I can’t imagine how long this would entertain kids. I mean I just had a run-of-the mill swingset and slide set when I was younger and I would stay out there for hours.  With one of those bigger sets, your kids could be out there from sun up to sun down. At the very least, you won’t be hearing kids saying “I’m bored” every few minutes.   Your kids could even invite over the neighbor kids. So you’d be helping out other parents too.

I would say it would definitely be a great investment and your kids will love you for it.   You may even be able to keep your house clean for longer than 5 minutes and that’s always a plus. Not to mention, it’s good for kids to get away from their video games every now and then. When I was a kid (hey, I’m not that old) video games really weren’t as big of a thing as they are now so we stayed outside during the summer. However, now kids need a reason to go outside. And what better reason than an awesome play set?

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The Case of the Missing Kitten

My sister sends me a message the other day and wants to know if I wanted one of the kittens at her house. He’s blue/silver and she knows that I’ve been looking for one like him for awhile. I have two other cats, Cleo and Paisley (he’s a boy,his name is a whole ‘nother story lol). My sister told me that the kitten was skittish but not feral. She could catch him while he was eating but he wouldn’t just let her walk up to him otherwise. She caught him the other day and let me know that I could come and get him. He doesn’t like being held at all. I put him in the laundry room with a litter box just to kind of let him get acclimated to the new place. And plus I didn’t want him hiding where I couldn’t find him. The first day, he stayed up on the laundry room shelf. He wouldn’t socialize with the other cats at all, well, besides hissing at them which Cleo and Paisley reciprocated. I know it takes a little time for older cats to accept newer cats and vice versa. We decided to name him Sheldon because one of Rhi’s favorite shows is Big Bang Theory.
So the next day, I went to check on Sheldon to see how he was doing. I looked all through the laundry room. I thought maybe he had gotten behind the washer and dryer. No big deal. Except when I looked back behind the dryer, I noticed that the hose that goes from the dryer to the vent outside was pushed aside. I thought, “Oh no, he’s gotten outside.” I figured all I’d have to do is set some food out and wait for him to come out of hiding. That would have been a simple solution had he actually been outside. I told Will about Sheldon being missing. So he went and looked around outside for him. He even looked under the house. He didn’t see or hear anything. Fast forward to later in the evening….I walked in the living room and Will said, “I know where the kitten is. He’s between the floors.” Huh..I didn’t even know we had two floors. See, we live in a manufactured home. We have the main floor and then a sub floor. Will said that he must have gotten stuck in between the floors when he escaped from hole in the laundry room floor where the hose is. Just then, I heard Sheldon start meowing. I wanted to help him but I knew there was no way he was going to come to me if I called him (even though I tried anyway). Will said he could move the vent flashing over so that he’d have a way to crawl out from between the floors and come back up through the vent opening in the floor.
So my plan was to open up a can of tuna and hope that the smell would lure him towards the vent. I left it there overnight with the vent cover off. I didn’t put it down in the vent because there was no way I wanted the smell of tuna wafting through the house. I had to put the other two cats up in the laundry room so they wouldn’t eat it. The next day, I got up and half expected to see the tuna gone. It wasn’t. That meant that Sheldon was still between the floors. I start panicking at this point because I knew the kitten couldn’t survive more than another day or so. I didn’t hear him meow during the day at all. But later on in the afternoon, I heard him again. I mean honestly, I would have torn the floor up to get him out. But I really didn’t want to. I had another idea. I thought maybe if I bring Cleo and Paisley in here, he’ll hear them and come on out. When I let them out, Paisley immediately found the tuna and began eating it. A few minutes later, I notice a little blue/silver head popping up in the vent opening. I tried to reach in and pick him up, but he backed up into the vent opening. So I decided to get a piece of leftover chicken strip to use to lure him out of the opening. He finally starts easing towards me. He sees the other cats eating the tuna and he gradually starts climbing out. I picked him up and held him even though I could tell he really didn’t want me to. I was just so glad he was finally out of the floor.
The other cats seem to be warming up to him. Maybe if Sheldon sees that the other cats aren’t afraid of us, he’ll come around. He’s still a kitten so I’m hoping that even though he may never be a lap kitty, at least he won’t mind being around people as much.

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How Parents Can Stay Connected to Their Adult Children

How Parents Can Stay Connected to Their Adult Ch

The bond between parent and child is something that is not replicated anywhere else in life. Many parents spend the first years of their children’s lives creating a deep and loving relationship that they hope will continue throughout the child’s life. However, often times when children grow up and leave the home, they often lose the relationship that they used to have with their parents.
It is important in any stage of life for parents and kids to maintain a close relationship, especially if there are grandkids in the equation. There are many things that parents and kids can do to maintain their relationship as they grow up. Any family can use these ideas to strengthen their relationship and build a better relationship than ever before. These are simple ideas that can help even families who are miles away stay close. Here are some ways parents can stay connected to their adult children.
Share a common interest
Most parents and kids will have similar interests. Parents can use these similar interests to continue to bond with their kids. Parents can even try out something new that their kids now like to see if it is also something they might be interested in. one good idea is bonding over a TV show from Texas TV companies.
Continue to support their ambitions
As kids grow up, they will have different ideas and plans for their life on their own. Parents need to understand that their children are now old enough to make their own decisions and should support the lifestyle that they choose if it of no harm to themselves and is making them happy. A parent might not agree with every aspect of their child’s new life, but they need to do what is best for their child’s happiness.
Do not force a certain lifestyle on them
Just as parents need to support their children’s life choices, they also cannot try to push a certain lifestyle on them once they are out of the house. Parents need to understand that their job as the decision maker is done and now their job is to support and nurture the relationship they have with their kids. Their children may take a different path than they did or would choose for them, but that is still OK.
Invest time in the grandkids
Grandkids often come into play soon after adult children leave the house. Parents are often excited to become grandparents and are ready to start spoiling them as much as they can. Parents should try to be as invested in making a connection with their grandchildren as they were with their own children. This will show their children how much they care and give everyone a stronger bond to rely on.
Set up a weekly call
Especially for parents who live far away from their children, this is a must. Parents who go from talking to their children every day to only seeing them a few times a year can feel very lonely and distant. A weekly phone conversation or video call can help parents and kids stay connected.

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