Art Mistakes Everyone Makes

Art mistakes everyone makes


Art is, and probably will forever be, an integral part of decorating and making a home feel more homely, however, most of us have or will make mistakes when it comes to hanging art within our home-decorating lives. To help you avoid making some of these mistakes, here we have listed a few of the most common mistakes people make…


Hanging art too high

It’s the most common art hanging mistake, but also the easiest to fix. Make sure you take the time to do it properly, rushing it is when you are most likely to make mistakes when it comes to hanging art. It’s best to do this with at least one other person so they can help you put it in the right place and give you their advice to good positioning. Place your piece of art when you are stained on the floor so you can really see what it will look like from a true perspective. Avoid standing on chairs or other items that lift you higher and distort your perspective until you need to put the nails in the wall.


Too matchy-matchy

Your art is the best opportunity to break free from the confines of colour palettes, so don’t get stuck thinking you can only display art that has a mix of the colours that are in the rest of the space. If you are looking for some inspiration to break away from the ‘norm’ take a look at Evolution Fine Art, they have some really beautiful pieces for every style.


Not thinking the wall collage through

Only the very lucky can brave their way through eye-balling hanging a wall collage and end up with the best outcome. It doesn’t matter what methods or tricks you use, just use one that will allow you to get the feel of your wall collage plans — experience whether it will come off feeling energetic or calm —before you start banging a bunch of holes in your wall.


Not enough variety
It’s called the art gallery effect, and it’s when you hang the exact same type of art on every wall in every room of your home. It’s also known as “boring.” Switch up canvases and framed art. Hang tapestries. Pin up quilts. Find a collection of all farm tools to attach to a wall. The point is, search far and wide for art pieces so it doesn’t end up looking like there should be a wine and cheese table in the corner.


Filling every wall up

This can be tough for folks who collect a lot of art, but it’s the kind of restrictions that could lead to lovelier, less hectic spaces. Just because you have walls, this does not mean you need to fill them ALL up with art. It can make a space feel and look very cluttered and actually take away from the pieces you do have. Depending on the space you have, think it through before nailing anything in and maybe think less is more when it comes to wall space.


Not hanging things securely or properly

Speaking of crooked artwork, are you only hanging art with one nail, so it’s always tilting out of place? You don’t have to bolt every frame into your walls, but don’t let the excitement of hanging something up get in the way of thoroughly thinking out what kind of hanging tools and hardware your art pieces need to go up securely.

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What’s in Your Rug:Spring Cleaning Edition

If you’re like me, you’ve probably been way too busy for spring cleaning. But as you know, these little tasks we put off today can really accumulate over time, as you’ll see in this eye-opening infographic from Ahdoot Oriental Rugs. So even if spring cleaning isn’t on your upcoming agenda, now is a great time to start planning for a thorough dusting and decluttering session while the experts take care of cleaning your rugs.



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Remodeling Dreams

I have been wanting to do a little remodeling to our bathroom. Nothing major, just maybe some new  bathroom faucets . The ones we have now are just standard faucets and look a little boring. I want something with a polished nickel finish. I really like the Eastham style.

It’s traditional, yet sleek.  I think it would make a great addition to my bathroom and go well with the silver light figures we have over the sinks.  I’d also like to get a new shower head and tub faucet to match.  Then of course next on the remodeling to do list would be to tile the shower (we just have an insert now) and tile the floors.  I’d also like to add a back splash of tile on the tub. The bathroom also needs repainting. It’s a purple color now and I have no clue what I was thinking when I picked out the color LOL. I’d like something a little more neutral.  I need to find something that will go with the silver fixtures too.  I will be spending sometime looking at ideas online. Then of course after I finish remodeling my bathroom, I need to remodel the main bathroom in the house.  I really would like to get a new tub and shower head. My daughter has her own bathroom and it’s small but it really needs some remodeling also. I don’t think it will cost that much to fix hers up. It just needs new fixtures like the other bathrooms.  It just seems like there’s so much that needs to be done in this house but not enough money to do it. I guess I will just have to focus on one room at a time. It may take awhile but hopefully, I’ll eventually have the house looking the way I want it.

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