Adventures at the Zoo

These are photos from our trip to the Hattiesburg Zoo. I think I promised to post some a few weeks ago. It was a pretty warm day but not hot like it is in the summer time. It’s been a few years since we have been and so they’ve added a few new things. I remember when this zoo was free and had just a few animals. Now it costs a few dollars to get in but they are always adding new exhibits. Click “continue reading” to see the photos!

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One Sure Way to Get the Kids Out of the House a Bit!

It’s almost summer time (even though here in Mississippi, it already feels like summer!). And kids are going to want to play outside.  Sure, they can play in a pool, play tag, hide and seek but most kids love to play on swing sets.  More specifically those big cedar swingsets that have all of the bells and whistles.  I know they have a lot of those types of play sets at the park, but really, who wants to have to load all the kids up in the car to go to an over crowded park. I know it’s not my favorite thing to do.  It would be so much easier to just buy one for your yard.  It’s something that will definitely keep the kids out of your hair for awhile. I can’t imagine how long this would entertain kids. I mean I just had a run-of-the mill swingset and slide set when I was younger and I would stay out there for hours.  With one of those bigger sets, your kids could be out there from sun up to sun down. At the very least, you won’t be hearing kids saying “I’m bored” every few minutes.   Your kids could even invite over the neighbor kids. So you’d be helping out other parents too.

I would say it would definitely be a great investment and your kids will love you for it.   You may even be able to keep your house clean for longer than 5 minutes and that’s always a plus. Not to mention, it’s good for kids to get away from their video games every now and then. When I was a kid (hey, I’m not that old) video games really weren’t as big of a thing as they are now so we stayed outside during the summer. However, now kids need a reason to go outside. And what better reason than an awesome play set?

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Looking For Father’s Day Gifts? Look No Further!

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Father’s Day is coming up so why not get him a gift he’ll really love.  Right now, Gazelle is offering $50 off all Mac Book computers. Mac Books offer RAM from  2 GB all the way to 16 GB.  And as far as capacity goes, you can choose from 64 GB to 1 TB (that’s a LOT of space!) These awesome laptops will be sure to put a smile on any man’s face.    Gazelle only sells items that pass their 30 point inspection so you know you are getting a quality product.

Is he not interested in a new laptop?  Well don’t worry, Gazelle has many other products that make great gifts.  They offer iPads, iPhones, and Samsung Galaxy phones at excellent prices. Make sure to check out their Sale section to find even better deals.

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Check Out The Tama Starclassic Performer Drum

I’ve always been amazed by drums and drummers. I love seeing them play and even do the tricks where they twirl the drumsticks. I know that’s something I couldn’t do. I’d probably hit myself in the face or the drumstick would go flying off into the audience lol. So needless to say I don’t know a lot about drums or playing them but the tama starclassic woodwind brass looks like a dream instrument for any drummer. Not to mention it’s a beautiful instrument. It would be a welcome addition to any band.

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