Congrats, Rhiannon!

My daughter’s dance recital program was Saturday. It was around 3 hours long and I’m surprised that I was able to sit still that long lol.  She and her group did 3 dances, 4 counting the finale.  She has been in a combo class this year and that includes ballet, tap, and jazz.  I personally think that tap is her best dance. She did extremely well with that routine.

After all of the dance routines were done, the dance instructor gave out awards.  Now, I live in a small town/county. Most of the kids who win things around here are the children of teachers or their parents have money or whatever.  That’s just how it’s always been.  Rhiannon has been in several school pageants and not won anything, it’s always been the teacher’s kids or the popular people in town’s kids who won.  So I was listening to them going through the awards after the recital and clapping but really just wanting them to hurry up (hey, it was 9 pm and I was hungry).  She got to the last award and it was the “Student of the Year” award and so I figured it would go to someone who had been taking dance for awhile.  The teacher was saying that the award was going to a student who was always on time, had a positive attitude, and brightened up the room.  When she said Rhiannon’s name, my mouth just fell open. I mean not that I don’t think she’s awesome, because I do. But I’m biased lol.  I was so happy that someone else saw that in her.  Along with her certificate, she received a cute little dance workout outfit and a free add on class. She’s thinking about taking lyrical and hip hop.

I really think that the dance instructor was fair with who she gave awards to for the simple reason that she’s not from around here. She doesn’t care who the kids’ parents are, she treats them all the same.  And to me, that says  a lot about her.  I have a lot of respect for her because she instructs kids as young as 3. I think she had about 10-12 little ones this year. She probably has around 30 students in all and she shows such patience with all of them.  You can tell she is definitely doing what she loves.


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