Dance mom? Um,no

My daughter takes dance but I can assure you, I’m not a “dance mom” at all.  She mainly does it for fun and as an extracurricular activity.  The teacher is great and Rhiannon loves her. However, I just found out that the tickets for her recital this month are going to be $15 in advance and $20 at the door.  I’ve already had to spend a good chunk of change on tuition and costumes.  She could at least give the parents a discount on the ticket prices.

This dance studio is in a very small town. But just like with any other place, there are cliques.  I do NOT fit in with the majority of the women who have their kids in dance. The women seem to be very snobby and just kinda look at me like I don’t belong.  The majority of these women have taken upon themselves to help the dance instructor buy a new studio.  They have been selling stuff to raise money and I have nothing against that.  I’m not in the little clique so I only knew about the meeting about a day before it was scheduled.  Of course,that was not enough time for me to make plans to go. I am sure most of them knew about it way ahead of time.  I almost feel as if they are trying to weed out the ones they don’t want there.  Who knows, maybe they want the studio to be like that tv show “Dance Moms”.  Most of those moms have more money to spend than I do. They have perfectly manicured nails, their hair is always done, and they have designer clothes and purses.  That just isn’t me at all. Even if I had the money to do that kind of stuff, I wouldn’t.  I guess my point in saying all of that is that they can afford all of this stuff and they don’t seem to consider that maybe some people can’t.

I wouldn’t have minded paying $5 or maybe even $10 per ticket but $15-20 is just outrageous.  I am sure that bigger dance studios may charge $15 or more but this is in a very small town. The dance instructor could have at least polled people on what a decent amount to charge. I’m sure the only ones who got a say in that were the ones who are her friends. Am I aggravated, you bet! And I’m sure I’m not the only parent who is.  Rhiannon was wanting to take dance next fall, but after this, I am thinking about finding something else for her to do.

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