Dear Facebook Friends, stop adding me to groups

Dear Facebook Friends,

Please for the love of my sanity, stop adding me to your latest sales group.  I don’t need overpriced diet pills, supplements, wraps, lip  balm, face creams, cleansers, or wax melts.  I get added to at least 2 of these groups a week with no one bothering to ask me if it’s ok.  Then I have to go switch off my notifications so my feed isn’t blowing up all day long.  I know,I know, you are trying to start your own business.  I get that, I really do. But why would I pay those outrageous prices when I can go to Wal-mart and get nearly the same thing for half the price.  I know, you ask “Well, wouldn’t you rather support a small business than a huge corporation?”  Yes and no. If my finances permitted, I would absolutely buy more from small businesses. And I do on occasion. However, most of these “businesses” are basically MLM and you aren’t running a small business. You’re selling products for a larger company who probably pays their CEO fairly well.

I have seen you post ads on your facebook and for the most part, I can ignore that because, hey, it’s your facebook.  But if you choose to post sales ads all day long, I may choose to unfollow you.  But I think it’s really tacky to add people, who are probably not interested to your “sales/party” groups.  I am not saying this to make you angry. I am just verbalizing what most of your facebook friends won’t.

Also, please, if you don’t talk to me on a semi regular basis, don’t message me with stuff like “Hey, girl! We haven’t talked in awhile, but I want to know if you’re interested in ordering “XYZ”. It really works!”  If you haven’t spoken to me outside of facebook and you only message me with stuff like this, you may just find yourself unfriended.

I know it may take a little longer, but please be courteous of others. Ask if they wouldn’t mind being added to a group before you just start clicking “add”. I keep hoping that facebook will add an option to where you can opt out of being automatically added to groups but until then, please stop trying to sell me stuff. Unless it’s food. Then I might consider, but only if it’s like chicken or something.


Your annoyed friend,



If it ain't broke don't fix it.

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