The Most Expensive Boarding School in the World

Tooted as the most expensive boarding school in the world, Le Rosey is located in Switzerland and mainly patronised by students from Britain. Over the years it has been patronised by royal families such as Prince Rainier (Monaco), the Iranian Shah, Egyptian King Farouk, etc. The School has the tag of the school of kings.

Le Rosey is a privately-owned institution which is equipped with the best and latest amenities such as an equestrian centre, a shooting range, and a 1000-seater concert hall. The school owns its own yacht moored in Lake Geneva; also a spa where students who are undergoing any stress can unwind. You could even stare in amazement at a helicopter landing on the football field with maybe a mega-rich student stepping down from the same.

In Le Rosey, classes is conduct in two languages – English and French, a system termed as ‘a la carte bilingualism’. The ratio count for student/teacher is 5:1. The British pupils at the school accounted for at least five per cent of the total of 400 pupils – from around 63 countries. Other big names like Sir Winston Churchill, Sir Roger Moore, Duke of Kent, Elizabeth Taylor, etc. sent their children to Le Rosey to study.

Le Rosey is a 135-year old institution which became co-educational in 1967. It vied with other top notch educational institutions such as Harrow and Eton. However, fees charged by Le Rosey stand at around Pd Sterling 80,000 a year, twice the fees of Harrow and Eton.
According to a well-known newspaper columnist Le Rosey once famous for its elite upper class, in and around the 1950s started to become a mixed bag. French, Italian and mega-rich Arab students got admitted. The exclusive Anglo-Euro-American strangle-hold on the school weakened.

During the winter months classes are held in Gstaad where skiing could be enjoyed after lessons. During the spring season, the students head to the Chateau du Rosey located on Lake Geneva. The school authorities insist that money is not a divisive factor among the students. Entrance is not just for those who have money, intellect also counts. Students have to appear for external official examinations, and only those students who can appear for university are accepted. To get your children into the top boarding school, you need money that is possible with a Eurojackpot ticket. All you need to do is log into and start playing.

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