Frustrating Day at the Dentist


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I had a root canal done on a premolar a few months ago.  I was told I needed a crown but I knew I’d probably have to pay the root canal off first. I have dental insurance but it pays around 60%-80%.  So I still owed a pretty large amount. I would have the money at the beginning of the year, so I was thinking that the root canal would be ok until then without a crown. Wrong.

I was eating a sucker the other day, not something I do often, but we had some left over from Halloween. These particular suckers have a plastic stick.  I was chewing on the sucker stick, without really realizing it until I heard a “pop!” sound come from my mouth.  At first, I thought part of the filling (or whatever it is) came out of the tooth.  It was a little sensitive but I didn’t think much about it.  A couple of days later, I noticed while eating that the tooth was split.  The front part of the tooth was loose and I thought it was just going to come off easily. It didn’t and it hurt. So I just decided to leave it alone. I bought some of that temporary dental filling to kind of hold the tooth together until I could go to the dentist. It was a week from the time I heard the “pop!” and my dentist appointment.

The dentist told me that the root canal looked good but that he was going to have to see how far down the tooth was cracked to see if it could be saved. I was praying that it wasn’t cracked down as far as I thought it was.  He took the front part off that was cracked and saw that it was cracked below the gum. So I had two options: Either leave the part of the tooth that was still there and have it pulled later or go ahead and have it pulled now. I told him to go ahead and pull it now. I haven’t had a tooth pulled since I was a kid. And that was a baby tooth.  He had already given me a shot before he pulled that other part of my tooth off, but since he was pulling the whole tooth, he had to give me a shot in the roof of my mouth. Now, the ones in my gum aren’t that bad, but the one in the roof of my mouth almost had me crying.  But I’m sure that didn’t hurt as much as if he had pulled it without novocaine.

I could tell he put something around the tooth to kind of hold it then he began loosening it up.  It didn’t hurt but I felt a lot of pressure and I could hear the tooth breaking. UGH.  It’s not a very nice sound at all.  He had to take it out in two separate parts.  He apologized about not being able to save the tooth.  You know, I felt like telling him that he could make up for it by not making me pay for the root canal lol. I mean I would have gotten the crown if it wasn’t going to be so expensive. So now, I have to wait for my gum to heal and see about getting a bridge or an implant. I’m thinking about getting a bridge because it’s cheaper. I just know I want something in that gap.  I feel so conscious about having a missing tooth. I am thankful that it is kind of in the back though. So the only way anyone can tell I’m missing a tooth there is if I smile really big.

I came home, took a pain pill, and was really upset for awhile.  Then my husband came home, told me I was still beautiful and made me mashed potatoes.  That made me feel better.  My daughter was like, “Mom, it’s not a big deal”. My youngest son, Trey, asked if the tooth would grow back. I told him no because it was a permanent tooth.  Then he said “Well, I can make you a tooth to put there, but it will take a lot of super glue and wax, not ear wax, bees wax.”  Even though I wasn’t in a good mood, that did make me laugh.

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  1. Oh, I’m so sorry you had to get your tooth pulled! My husband opted to get one pulled as well, since it was the very back molar that isn’t even really used to chew food. The extraction was only $40 with our insurance, in comparison to $400+ for a root canal, crown, and sedation. I wish our dental insurance covered more, he feels so weird without that tooth.

  2. I didn’t realize that bridges were less expensive than implants. I can’t decide which one would be better for me, personally. I also feel very self-conscious about having a missing tooth as well, so hopefully everything looks nice after my visit to the dentist.

  3. I should recommend you to go for dental implant, dental implant is permanent solution for your broken tooth. Dental implants can stay up to 20 year without having any adjustment problem and also need normal case like bushing flossing.

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