The Gap Year: Not Just For Students

The Gap Year: Not Just for Students

The idea of a gap year conjures up images of teenagers on the beach Bali, trying to find themselves in between full moon parties. Increasingly though, many people later in their lives are seeing an extended break from their career to travel as an attractive and sensible thing to do.

Many companies, too, are finding themselves open to negotiation about sabbaticals and extended periods of leave. Burn out is a big problem for businesses: training an employee over their career is a big investment of time and resources. Losing a high level employee to a bad case of burnout is not a waste of those resources and a loss of vital institutional knowledge, but the cost of replacing an employee and the lost output until they are as proficient as who they’re replacing approaches £30,000.

Any solution that can help to reduce the risk of this cost is worth businesses pursuing, and what that means currently is the idea of a sabbatical is reaching out from the academic world to become popular in commercial business. The word Sabbatical comes from the tradition of academics having one year in every seven away from teaching to focus on research and recharging their mental batteries, from the Sabbath being one day of seven spent in rest.

If you’ve working for the same company for a significant number of years – in the region of 20 – you may have good grounds to negotiate yourself a career break. There’s no provision in law for this, so it will rely on what you can agree with your management. It’s wise to begin by mentioning the idea casually to see how senior figures react to it. You can base your negotiations on that reaction, but it’s a good idea to cite any major projects you’ve completed, pointing out the gains to the company as a result of the effort you’ve put in.

When you’ve been able to make an arrangement that suits you and your employers, you can begin planning your trip. With AirBnB and the proliferation of Letting Agents in the modern property market, letting your house short term to help finance your trip is a real possibility. If you’re looking for storage services London has plenty to offer to keep precious possessions safe while you’re away, so you can enjoy your trip without worrying about your tenants damaging anything.

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