Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day everyone (well those in the US, anyway lol). Labor Day is supposed to be a day of relaxation, but my youngest sister had other plans. She bought an old house (I’m talking built in the 1800s old) and she’s remodeling it. So I spent a few hours, tearing out sheet rock. There’s a lot of work to be done, but it’ll be gorgeous when she’s finished.

Speaking of laboring, I still haven’t found a job yet. I did get my first interview the other day for the local paper as a bookkeeper/proofreader/ad designer. It sounds like a neat job, but I’m not sure how many others he interviewed. I don’t have any experience as a bookkeeper, however, I can pick up on things pretty fast. And the proofreading is something I do daily anyway. I am always finding mistakes in things I read. And the ad design is something I can do because I am familiar with photoshop. At the beginning of the interview, I thought I was going to get the job right then. However, towards the end of the interview, I wasn’t as confident. He said he would make a decision at the beginning of the week. So if I don’t hear anything by Wednesday, I probably didn’t get the job. I mean he didn’t say that, but most potential employers don’t bother calling you if they don’t hire you. I’ve also applied for a receptionist job. I am sure it doesn’t pay much, but it pays more than I’m making now. And if I don’t get either of those jobs, I may just go back to sewing for a chair company I worked for years ago. It’s not an office job, but the pay is pretty good.

I know I will eventually find something,I just have to be patient. I know the right job is out there for me. I am just really hoping I get one before the end of this month. I really need to be saving up money for Christmas. I know it may be a little too early to be thinking about that, but it seems every year it just kind of sneaks up on me. So the sooner I get a job, the more money I can save up.

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