Why I hate Chuck E. Cheese

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It’s nothing personal against the big creepy mouse, really.  It’s more the fact that they are understaffed and need kiddie bouncers.  Like maybe hire some buff 12 year olds to stop the little ones from climbing on the rides while someone else is on them or stop kids from hogging the skee ball machines.  I also believe that they should hand out Xanax and a shot of whiskey to every parent who walks through the door.  I was certainly needing one the other day when we took the kids to a birthday party there.  Well it wasn’t exactly a birthday party. The mom didn’t pay for a party package so it was kind of like “Hey, follow us to Chuck E. Cheese hell, but I’m not going to tell you you’re going to have to fend for yourselves when it comes to pizza/drinks/tokens until we get there.” Actually, the mom didn’t tell us until she and her sister had already ordered stuff for their kids and Trey was just sitting there. So Will ordered us some food, drinks and of course tokens.  I didn’t feel obligated to hang around the birthday girl since we had to pay for our own stuff.  Also, our pizza took a record 30 minutes to get done, when everyone else’s was done in around 10 minutes.

My granddaughter, Kali, was on a ride and one little girl took it upon her self to try to climb into the girl (which was for only one person). I looked right at her and told her “Um, honey, you need to get down right now”.  I have no clue where her mom was and I’m sure she didn’t either. She looked to be around 3.  Not to mention, there were girls who looked to be at least 12 running through the already crowded game area.  Then the machines were taking Trey’s tokens but the game wasn’t working. Good luck trying to tell someone who works there about it.  They acted as if checking the machine and refunding tokens wasn’t part of their job. I mean I get it, your job sucks. They couldn’t pay me enough to deal with all of the screaming,yelling kids that come in and out of that place.  I just hope that maybe that job is enough to motivate them to finish college and get a job where they don’t have to deal with the craziness that comes from working at a place like Chuck E. Cheese. If I had to deal with that on a daily basis, I don’t think I’d last a week before they had to put me in a straight jacket and lock me away.  Of course, it’s not just the kids who are at fault. Their parents are also.  Apparently no on teachers their kids basic manners anymore.  I don’t think any of those kids knew what “wait your turn” means.

When we got ready to leave I didn’t bother going to find the mom who cooked up the idea for us all to go to this place I wouldn’t wish on my biggest enemy.  I just text her and told her we were leaving and thanks for the invite.  She text back later and said that she had been looking for us and sorry that we had to leave. I wasn’t sorry one bit LOL.  We left because for one, my nerves just couldn’t handle the mess that is Chuck E. Cheese and two, Rhiannon wanted to go shopping with some money she had saved up.  I was just glad we had an excuse to leave…

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  1. We just drove by one of those the other day and my husband and I were talking about taking the kids. Then at the same time, we decided we don’t ever want to, because of the disaster you described. Now it’s absolutely settled. We’re never going there unless we have to for someone else’s party. And now I know to find out the circumstances of the party beforehand. Yikes!
    Tarynn Playle recently posted…A Few Sweet Moments…My Profile

  2. You’re not alone I absolutely hate it. My daughter loves it and her Grandpa now and then takes her. I always feel so dirty when we go there., one time my husband wind up with a weird rash around his arm and it’s never clean either.
    Nicole Keener recently posted…Winter Cozy DaysMy Profile

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