Hey guess what I found in my Cheetos?

So a few weeks ago, I had something happen that still makes me cringe to think about. It was back in December, the same day I had to get my tooth pulled. I hadn’t eaten all day and so when I got home, I decided to heat up a philly steak and cheese hot pocket and grab a small bag of Cheetos. Now, Cheetos are not my favorite by far. I’m more of a Doritos girl. But since no one else in my house really likes Cheetos either, that’s the only thing that was left. I ate the hot pocket and then got a handful of Cheetos. I started chewing when I noticed that bit down on something harder than a Cheeto.

Now, I was just thinking maybe it was a burnt Cheeto or something. But something told me to spit it out. Once it was in my hand, I started looking at it more closely. The more I looked the more I realized that it was a freaking bone!! It was a small bone so of course the first thing that comes to my mind is a rat. I mean what other kind of animal would be in a chip factor. It sure as hell isn’t a chicken bone. I would actually be relieved if it was. That wouldn’t gross me out nearly as much. Will said it looked like a frog bone. But come on, what would a frog be doing in a Frito Lay factory.
I got Will to call Frito Lay because I just don’t do phone calls. Well to people I don’t know anyway. He called and they expressed a little bit of horror at the fact that I found a bone in their product. They told him they would sent him a postage paid envelope to send the bone into them so they could see it. I haven’t done that yet. For all I know, they would just deny it came from their factory. I know there are probably people who would make things like this up but I’m not one of them. I would have rather NOT found a bone in my Cheetos. I did contact an attorney just to see what I should do. I was told that unless I had a physical injury from the bone, there was nothing that could be done. I guess I will go ahead and send it into Frito Lay to see what they say. At the very least, maybe I’ll get some chip coupons out of it. Though, I’m not sure I’ll ever eat Cheetos again. I guess at least I didn’t find a human finger or something in there. Now that would have been unsettling.

Has anyone else ever found something in their food that they shouldn’t have? If so, what was it?

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  1. EWWW!! I’m sorry this happened to you. I probably would have lost my Cheetos!!
    I’m surprised they didn’t already compensate you and give you a thousand coupons. I think I would have tweeted them a picture, I imagine companies respond better when there is an audience.
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