How To Get The Very Most Out of Shopping

How to get the very most out of your shopping extravaganza

We all approach shopping trips with the best intentions, but far too often the end result is anything but desirable. Swollen feet from the miles of trekking, bruised biceps from the umpteen bags you have lugged around and by the end of proceedings, you’ll probably return most items anyway.

As today’s title might have already suggested, today is all about helping you avoid such a scenario. As such, here are four ways in which you can get the absolute maximum out of your next shopping extravaganza, and not subject yourself to the usual frustrations that accompany these outings.

The evaluation stage

The first stage of the process should be evaluating exactly what you already have. There are a lot of stereotypes of women and shopping doing the rounds – with shoes being the obvious one. In a bid to not fall into this trap, and ultimately keep on top of your finances in the process, you should be looking through your existing closet and evaluating exactly what you need.

If your wardrobe is full to the brim of black jeans, suffice to say, even if the best pair you have ever set eyes on captures your attention you should be ready to turn them down.

Choose your stores wisely

It doesn’t matter whether you are hitting the shops in Covent Garden, or another high-street destination, choosing your stores before you travel can save you a lot of time and money.

This choice might come down to style, or even which are advertising a sale. Some women may even decide to look at the stores first online, to see if the collections available are ones which suit their style. Don’t waste energy, and get frustrated, by treating shopping as an ad-hoc occasion.

Hunt high and low

Once you reach your chosen store, whatever you do don’t become a window shopper. In other words, don’t simply go through the items in the storefront. Granted, these might be the premier garments, but they are also likely to come at a cost.

Instead, it’s your mission to hunt through the store high and low. Sometimes it might be to find bargains (which might be hidden away on discrete rails), while on other occasions it might be to find the last garment which has been discarded to the back of a collection.

Try before you buy

Finally, from all of the above advice, make sure you try your garments before buying them. What looks great on the model in the store certainly isn’t guaranteed to look the same on you. Different figures prompt different results in relation to clothes, and rather than venturing to-and-from your chosen stores on a weekly basis, try and get it all sorted in the changing rooms on your one shopping day.

You also need to have a sense of creativity here; making sure that you visualize what you have at home and calculate exactly what will match your chosen garments.

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