Milo’s beverage review

I had the privilege to work with Milo’s and review some of their yummy drinks. I tried the Decaf Sweet Tea, Sweet Tea with Lemonade, and Lemonade.

Decaf Sweet Tea
Famous Sweet Tea and Lemonade


I am a born and raised southern girl so I’m very picky about my sweet tea. I normally don’t like it unless it’s homemade. And while that’s still my preference, Milo’s is a very good substitute. I would pick it over any of the other teas that are sold in stores. I am not sure I have a favorite out of the three flavors I tried. It just depends on the mood I’m in. I really liked the lemonade though because it wasn’t too strong or too light. It was somewhere in the middle and that’s what I liked about it. The Decaf tea still had all the flavor of regular tea. And the Sweet Tea with lemonade definitely tasted unique.

I would buy all three flavors and happily serve them to my family. They also have 3 flavors that I did not try and those are the Famous Sweat Tea, Unsweet Tea, and No Calorie Sweet Tea. Milo’s products can be found in Walmart stores everywhere (including Mississippi). Here’s a store locator so you can find Milos near you:  .


disclosure: I received samples from Milo’s but all opinions are my own.

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