Only my kid would be afraid of this….

Sorry if this posts offends anyone, but I am a mom and well this is just one of those stories I “had” to share 😀
Do you know what my 8 year old son is afraid of? No, not spiders, snakes (though he doesn’t really care for those either)…tampons. My son is afraid of tampons. Now, he has no clue what they are used for. He didn’t get any further than reading the part of the box that says “may cause TSS-Toxic Shock Syndrome”. So, since he’s 8 years old and takes things literal, he thinks that just by touching one, he will get ill. If he sees someone goes into my bathroom, he promptly warns them “Don’t touch the tampons!” And he doesn’t say TAM pons he says it like “tampns” so that makes it even more hilarious. I haven’t explained to him what they are used for, but at his age, I don’t really think it’s necessary for him to know. He has asked “Mom, why do you have those tampons?” as if I have a dangerous weapon in the bathroom or something. I’m sure when he gets older and realizes what they’re for, he’s gonna feel really silly…..

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