Open Letter to an Exfriend


Dear Exfriend,

I finally realized something. You don’t care about me at all. You never have. Your actions have proved that time and time again. I’ve given you so many chances because I know that no one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes.  However, it’s not a “mistake” if you keep doing it over and over.  It does make me an idiot though.  I’m an idiot because I thought that you would change. Every time I started talking to you again, things would be good until something happened that made you jealous.  Then you went about trying to destroy me.

I know the latest subject of your jealousy was when my daughter won Student of the Year in dance back in May.  Your daughter won an award also, most focused, I believed.  I guess that wasn’t enough though. You came up and spoke to me and eve hugged me after the recital.  Was that so you could stab the knife in my back?  You didn’t even mention anything about my daughter winning the award. I posted a pic of it on facebook because, yes I am proud of my daughter. I did not expect her to get the award. I think you also posted a photo of your daughter’s award. I believe I “liked” that photo.  You couldn’t even be bothered to do that for my daughter.  And this is not just based off of some wild assumption. We have only talked once since May and that was a conversation that I initiated.  I could tell then that you didn’t really want to talk to me.

The next week was when you decided to save face by making up something that you know isn’t true.  I did NOT tell you that your ex was talking about you on his facebook.  You know I didn’t. You just did not want to admit that you had been stalking his fb through your daughter’s page.  I really have no clue if that status I “liked” was about you or not.  I don’t care.  If you made an assumption that we were talking about you, you should have asked. I would have told you the truth. Nothing had been said about you, not to me (or by me for that matter).

I really shouldn’t be surprised though. This is not the first time you have done this to me. You have always seemed to be jealous of me. And no, I am not conceited. I don’t think everyone is jealous of me. But the evidence suggests that you are. You were jealous of my marriage,so you tried to screw that up.  When that didn’t work, you told school officials that my son was bullying your son (a total lie).  And now this.

You blocked me on all social media because you didn’t want me to be able to contact you and call you out.  But don’t worry, I have no desire to ever be friends with you. I would put “again” at the end of that sentence,but really, you’ve never been a friend. So you can keep giving me dirty looks whenever I drop my daughter off for dance and I will continue to ignore you.




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  1. Next time she looks at you just smile and wave and then turn your head. Be the BETTER person! One does that to a total stranger so make it no different as she is the stranger one!

  2. That is really sad, but it sounds like good riddance. I have had people like that in my life, too, and I hate that I wasted energy on them.

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