I love buying stuff online, especially things like accessories like hdmi cables, tv mounts and more. I can always get thinks like 80% cheaper when I shop online. I just have to wonder why retail stores mark things up so much. Shopping online is just easier too because I don’t have to worry about crowds or even leaving the house. The only thing I really shop for outside of the internet is groceries. I know that in some bigger cities you can even order that online, but not where I live LOL.

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Almost time for school!

Seriously, what is it with the attitude some people have about homeschooling? I homeschooled my youngest last year because I didn’t feel like he was getting what he needed from the public school system. He’s ADHD and he does so much better with one-on-one teaching. He is also way ahead in some subjects. He hates math so that’s one area we are definitely going to work on more this school year. He was reading on a 4th-5th grade level in kindergarten though. I’m not even sure what level he’s on now. He likes to read, except, not what you’d expect. He reads medical encyclopedias. He can recite what he’s read verbatim. I have no clue where he gets that talent from though because I’m lucky if I can remember what I went to Wal-mart to get. Ok, back to people’s attitude on homeschooling. Rhiannon decided she wants to be homeschooled this year. I tried to talk her out of it. She made jr high choir and I really wanted her to pursue that. She has an amazing voice and I want her to use it. But that wasn’t enough for her to want to go to public school this year. She had her fill of drama with the girls at school last year, I think. Everybody keeps telling me “Well, I’m sure she’ll miss her friends.” Well, seeing as how they took break away from the middle school and high school, I don’t see when she’d have much time to talk to her friends anyway. She can still have friends over and go to their houses. Not to mention, she has a cell phone and ipod. She can facetime her friends when they get home from school. I don’t know why people tend to think that homeschooled kids are kept from socializing.

I’m also going to save a ton of money because I won’t have to buy uniforms or school supplies. I mean, I will buy a few things for homeschool, but not as much as what the public schools want parents to buy. I always used to get so mad when my kids were in elementary school because of the school supply lists. I don’t mind providing for my kids, but I know that many times all of the school supplies are shared by the entire class. Some parents know that so they aren’t going to buy their kids supplies. At least when I homeschool, I know I am buying for my kids. I’m not selfish, but it would just tick me off whenever I would find out later what the teachers were doing (I know not all of them do that, but many around here do). It just seemed kind of shady that they weren’t upfront about the whole class using the supplies.

I think I am going to start a homeschooling blog and letting the kids participate with it and maybe write a few posts. I’ll have to run the idea by them and see what they thing. If I do decide to do that, I’ll be sure to post the link here :).

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What Can I Do Now That I’ve Retired?

Guest post by David

Many people can’t figure out what they want to do when they retire, or if they want to retire at all, but actually retirement is a new lease of life. All those things you’ve never found the time to do, like travelling the world, making repairs to the house, taking up a hobby or even starting a second career, can all be made possible through retirement. You’ve already done the hard part, getting up early every morning, working your way through a valued and rewarding career and taking care of your family financially. So when the time does come to hang up your boots, don’t shy away from it – embrace it! Let’s take a look at some of the best things you can do when you retire.

Get a Job

No, we’re not crazy, and we are actually suggesting you get a job after you retire. Getting a job will help you to ease yourself into retirement, as many people find it hard to simply stop working after a lifetime of employment. It doesn’t have to be a demanding job, or even a well-paid one, but it will have to keep you engaged until you find something to focus your attention on. For example, if you like to garden, then why not work Saturdays at your local gardening centre, or if you enjoy fashion you could put in a few hours a week at your nearest charity shop, sorting out the good stuff from the bad.

Instead of working for money, you could also volunteer, and this vocation attractions millions of retired people every year. Not only is it rewarding, but you also get to mentor the younger generation of the industry you worked in. Furthermore, if you’re looking enter into a second career when you retire, volunteering could help you better understand the role you wish to perform in.


Sadly, not a lot of working people get time to play sport, from long office hours to stressful family life. However once you’re retired, you’ll have all the time in the world to play any sport you’ve missed out on, or even pick up a few new ones! As you get older, you’ll have to place more focus on looking after your body, and sport is a great way to keep your muscles active and your heart healthy. Sport also promotes social interaction, and although sitting in doors all day and catching up on missed programs seems appealing, interacting with others is essential to enjoying your retirement. Speaking of interaction, retiring with Extra care is a great way to keep active in your later years, so be sure to check them out before you hit that golf course!


We all know how expensive going on holiday can be, however once you retire and you get that huge financial package you’ve been waiting for, the world is literally your oyster! You don’t have to settle for one destination either – you can travel the world city after city, from one side of the globe to the other. Furthermore, travelling with a partner always makes your trip more enjoyable, so bring a loved one along! 

David enjoys writing about retirement and discussing potential avenues to explore once retired.

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I didn’t pay $8.25 to listen to you….

I was reminded once again last night why I don’t go see movies after 5 pm. For one, the ticket prices are ridiculous ($8.25), though I’m sure they are probably more expensive in other places. Then there’s the crowds. We went to a movie that opened on Friday night. The crowd was still large. We had to stand in line for about 15 minutes before we could to into the theater. The night time showings also seem to be when the loudest, rudest people decide to venture out to see a movie. I think most of the people there forgot they were not in front of their tv in the living room. They screamed at every little part, and laughed at things that weren’t really funny. They were just overly obnoxious. Then the couple next to me kept snuggling up to each other and whispering. I could hear their voices though, just not what they were saying. From the way they were all over each other, I’m sure I didn’t want to hear what they were saying. Then it smelled as if they had either hit the bottle before they came to the theater, or like they were spraying breath spray. It smelled a little like whiskey though so who knows, maybe they had a flask they were sneaking sips from. I contemplated on farting so they would move somewhere else, but the theater was pretty packed so they probably wouldn’t have been able to find another seat. Then I’d just be sitting there embarrassed, trying to get Will to take the blame for the fart LOL.
Then there was a woman in front of us. At one point, she turned around and asked if we would stop kicking her seat. I knew I didn’t do it and Rhiannon was the one sitting right behind her. So I told Rhiannon to please be still and not kick the woman’s seat any more. She said she didn’t do it either. But I still made her sit with her feet flat on the ground. I didn’t wanna have to go all protective mama on the woman and get thrown out of the theater. After the movie I mentioned it to Will and he said “Oh, that was probably me, I think I accidentally kicked the seat when I was trying to get comfortable.” It’s funny how she just assumed it was me.

We normally go to the matinee showings because they are cheaper and less crowded. But Will had to work yesterday and the movie suggestion was kind of last minute. I think next time we’ll just wait and go on Sunday afternoon if he has to work on Saturday. And that’s my suggestion to everyone else. If you want to see a movie, especially on opening weekend, go to a matinee if you can. You’ll probably have a much better experience if you do.

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