Get your nose out of the air….

I just have a slight rant.
You see, my home is a double wide. I’m paying a mortgage on it so it won’t exactly be “mine” for awhile yet, however it’s more “mine” than anything I ever rented. It’s a little over 2000 sq ft with 4 bedrooms, 3 baths. It’s not extravagant, but it’s mine. If I had wanted a house this size, I would have had to pay a LOT more for it. It’s nice, sturdy and I can paint, and add whatever I want without having to ask a landlord first. But still, there are many people who still turn their nose up at double wides and act as if they are too good to step foot in one. People just can’t seem to wrap their minds about living in one, let alone actually *gasp* buying one. We bought the doublewide because we were tired of renting substandard places that were really too small for us. The rent in this area is extremely high, even for mobile homes. We decided if we were going to pay that much to rent a place, we might as well just buy our own. I don’t understand why some people who own or rent houses have such a snooty attitude towards mobile homes. They are made better than what they used to be. Ours is zoned for high winds. And during storms or high winds, our place doesn’t even budge. We have a shingled roof so just about the only time I know it’s raining is if I hear the thunder.
So stop judging people who live in mobile homes. Most of us are not “trailer trash”. I know I’m certainly not. If you can afford a house, good for you. However, that doesn’t mean you’re better than me.

This is my home. I am just as proud of it as I would be a huge 2 or 3 story home. So think about that before you judge people just because they have a mobile home.

(Ignore the pool under the porch, my hubby has been too afraid to get it out from under there because he’s convinced there’s a snake there. Which actually, there probably is LOL. Oh and my grass needs to be cut…again. It was just cut maybe a week and a half ago.)

My house
My house
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Happy Birthday, Trey!

Trey’s 8th birthday was yesterday.We are having his party this weekend though because my cousin’s son is exactly a year older than Trey and his birthday party was yesterday. So I figured it would just be easier if I had Trey’s party a week later. But I still tried to make his birthday awesome too. He has been asking for a PS Vita since last year. So we finally got him one. But a few days before his birthday, he was going on and on about a Wii U. I was thinking “Oh no, we’ve already gotten him this PS Vita he’s been wanting for the past 6 months or so”. Trey has always been a night person so he was still up at midnight on his birthday. We called him in the living room and let him open his gift. I was totally expecting him to say “But I wanted a Wii U!” However, that did not happen. When he saw what was in the bag, he started squealing and saying “A PS Vita!!!! This is the best birthday present ever!!” Since then I haven’t heard anything about the Wii U so I think he’s happy with what he got. And if he hadn’t been, then oh well. He would have just had to learn to like the Vita. I would not have exchanged it for a Wii U. We took him out to eat at CiCi’s pizza that night. It wouldn’t have been my choice of eating establishments but it’s what he wanted. And it wasn’t expensive. We topped the night off by walking around Toys R’ Us for an hour or so while he decided what inexpensive toy he wanted. He had a $3 off coupon that he got in the mail that he wanted to use. Let me tell you, trying to find an inexpensive toy in there isn’t easy either. He finally decided on a Crayola white board with crayons. If I had known that’s what he wanted, I would have suggested it a lot earlier. It would have kept us from walking aimlessly around the store. The same store clerk asked us at least twice if we were finding everything ok LOL. But as long as he had a fun day,that’s all that matters.
It still doesn’t seem like he should be 8. Kids grow up entirely too fast!

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Little bit of this, little bit of that….

I finally convinced Jake to let me snap a few shots of him. I think they turned out very well.  Here’s my favorite. I have more over at my photography blog.

My favorite pic
My favorite pic

The kids got out of school last week. Jake was promoted to 11th grade and Rhiannon will be in the 7th. Trey will be in the 3rd. Kids just grow up way too fast. But I am so proud of each of them. They are all so very different but wonderful in their own ways. My hubby and I aren’t perfect parents but I think we’ve done a pretty good job on raising 3 awesome kids.
Ok, enough with the sappy stuff LOL…..

The hubby and I spent the past week painting our cabinets I think they turned out cute. I’ll post photos of them once I have time to take some pics with my good camera. I just couldn’t get any good ones with my phone. I think they turned out really cute. It was also a lot cheaper than replacing them. I’m hoping to replace some of the flooring soon too. We bought some of those stick down tiles for the laundry room to replace the linoleum because it had gotten ripped from moving our washer and dryer. It looks a lot better than the old flooring. I just need to find time to paint in there. I like to paint, but I’m not the neatest painter in the world. I hate having to scrub paint off of the molding and floors LOL.

So, what projects are you currently working on?

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extreme close up

Since I haven’t had the money to drop on a macro lens, I ordered some filters to give me a similar effect. I am sure I’d be able to get better results with an actual macro lens, but I think these turned out great. Just in case you’re wondering, I have  Nikon D5100.

I have no clue what kind of bug or flower this is. I just thought it looked neat.
Wildflower in my yard
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