I’ve been in Indiana since Friday afternoon.  I met my bff, J., on facebook about 3 years ago. We’ve pretty much talked every day during that time.  She has been wanting my family and I to visit her for awhile now and since Will is on vacation this week, we decided it would be a great time to drive up here.  It’s about a 10-12 hour drive from Mississippi, even though on the map, it doesn’t look like it will take that long lol.  I got to drive to two states I’ve never been through before, Missouri, and Illinois.  It wasn’t the most exciting drive though because most of the land through there is so flat. I’m used to seeing hills.  Oh and not to mention the corn. I have never seen so much corn  haha. This is also the first time I’ve ever been out of the south.

We haven’t gotten to do a whole lot yet, other than sight see around town. I think we may go to one of the state parks around here or maybe the lake one day. J.’s husband works 3rd shift Fri-Sun, so he hasn’t been around much, but hopefully after today, he’ll be ready to go somewhere LOL.

People here in IN seem to be pretty nice and polite. I am just waiting for someone to say “You talk funny!” 😀 . It wouldn’t offend me though because I’m sure to some people that I do talk funny. I don’t have an extremely heavy southern accent, but it’s still there. If I ever did move out of MS, I could totally see myself living here though. The landscape is pretty much the same and I think the houses are cheaper. Sometimes I just think it would be nice to reside in a place where most people around have no idea who I am.

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little birdies

Jake found these little guys out in the shed behind the house. I think there’s 2 or 3 of them. I didn’t handle them at all because I want the mama bird to continue to take care of them. I used my zoom lens to get in close so I could get a good shot. I know they probably won’t be in the nest much longer because they already have feathers and were standing up :).

I think this is a baby Wren, but not too sure...
I think this is a baby Wren, but not too sure…
Baby birds in Will's toolbox
Baby birds in Will’s toolbox
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Wordless Wednesday-Almost Summertime


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Stuck up? Nope, just introverted.

I am a very introverted person and most people just can’t understand that, especially extroverts.  It’s not that I don’t like people, but I like to be by myself or with those that I am closest with like family. I don’t have to have a ton of friends. I can have one good friend and that’s enough for me.  But I always have people who want to befriend me or hang out.  It’s not that I have anything personally against them, I just don’t want to have to divide my time between them and my family.  Some extroverts just can’t understand how I can possibly be happy just being around my husband and kids. Well, it is possible. There’s nothing weird about being introverted just like there’s nothing weird about being extroverted.  I will say, however, that I was much less introverted in school. I was still an introvert but I had more friends. I think that’s partly because of the way I have been treated by so-called friends in the past, especially my ex best friend.  I think it’s really for the best though because being around a lot of people really exhausts me. I used to go to concerts and after being around large crowds of people, I would just be so tired. I’m talking “sleep the whole next day” kinda tired. I’m also the kind of person who doesn’t talk a lot unless I know you.  This has caused many people to assume I’m a “snob”. I’m actually not snobby at all.  Once I get used to being around you, I never shut up LOL.  I don’t have the need to be the center of attention and actually get a little embarrassed if I am.  I prefer to just hang out in the background and observe.  I’m sure most other introverts can relate.  Extroverts just won’t understand haha.  I found this infographic and I can definitely relate to it.


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