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I am offically a working woman again. Well, only part time. I finished out the semester with a 3.0 gpa.  I’m hoping to bring that up next semester.  I’m not taking any summer classes so I decided to get a part time job.  It’s only 15 hours a week at the local library,but I like it. I just wish it paid more.  I have had jobs where the pay was decent but I absolutely hated it.  But this job is perfect for me. The library does get busy at times but I don’t have a lot of coworkers. It’s just my boss and me there. There’s another assistant who is there in the a.m. but she usually leaves before I get there.  I spend 3 hours a day checking books in/out, checking people into the computer lab, weeding out books, shelving books, and anything else that my boss needs help with.  The summer reading program starts soon so I’m sure that it will get busy.  I’ve always loved libraries and so I’ve always wanted to work in one.  In my opinion, librarians do not get paid enough for all that they  have to do.  My boss works really hard and is pulled in so many directions at work.  In my opinion, she should make at least twice what she does. But the library is state funded (very little at that) so I guess it’s not in the budget.

I suppose people don’t realize how little we make because they certainly like to make demands or get angry because they can’t check out a book due to the fact they don’t have their library card.  Or, they get mad when they have to pay a couple of bucks to replace the card they lost.  But thankfully, those types of patrons are not the majority. Most of the people who come to the library are polite.  I will say that no one works in the library because it pays well. They work there because they love what they do.  I know that’s why I work there.  I feel as if it’s the one place I belong. I hope that the patrons who frequent the library feel the same way.

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  1. I think no matter what field we are in that deals with people is a hard job. There are so many wonderful people out there but then we get those angry people also. I just try to kill them with kindness. I am so happy for you. Keep your chin up. God Bless

  2. I think it would be so much fun working in the library. I enjoy reading. Great part time job. I hope you enjoy it. God Bless

  3. This sounds like an exciting and fulfilling job to me. I pray that you really enjoy this time. God Bless

  4. (Part time job flow) My ex-daughter-in-law had worked in a library too when she was a student at a college in College City in Texas. She said that she loved that job.

  5. I loved the library at my school. I was there any moment I could be, before during, or after school! I loved to categorize the books. They all had a place to belong.

  6. That’s really awesome you found something you at least can enjoy a little I feel kinda stuck at home I’m my three year old sons caretaker he’s medically fragile with a feeding tube and we have been looking for a home health nurse for years now and anyways it’s definitely not my son’s fault and I do enjoy taking care of him because I know this way that things are getting done the way I want and alot of parents would love a stay at home job with their kids and luckily I do get disability for my own disability although I would not say my paycheck is huge it’s at least something combined with my son’s SSI he gets too and so my husband at least we bring in something but I’m not a fan of they cap they put on the income so in this way my husband brings in the smallest amount I really honestly would like to go back to school and work but then my son wouldn’t have a caretaker so it’s probably just a no go for now I have so many fond memories in library’s as a child it really is a magical place I wish you happiness in the fullest in you new found occupation congratulations!

  7. I work somewhat part time at the moment and have been thinking about going full time. I just dont make enough not working full hours!

  8. My favorite time of day is while my hubbys at work. I like to get most of my online work done before he gets home.

  9. Most jobs now days are horribly underpaying workers that they hire. I think delivery drivers have a tough job as well.

  10. I love that most people are polite and friendly in a library. But there always the few having a bad day and spreading it.

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