Remodeling Dreams

I have been wanting to do a little remodeling to our bathroom. Nothing major, just maybe some new  bathroom faucets . The ones we have now are just standard faucets and look a little boring. I want something with a polished nickel finish. I really like the Eastham style.

It’s traditional, yet sleek.  I think it would make a great addition to my bathroom and go well with the silver light figures we have over the sinks.  I’d also like to get a new shower head and tub faucet to match.  Then of course next on the remodeling to do list would be to tile the shower (we just have an insert now) and tile the floors.  I’d also like to add a back splash of tile on the tub. The bathroom also needs repainting. It’s a purple color now and I have no clue what I was thinking when I picked out the color LOL. I’d like something a little more neutral.  I need to find something that will go with the silver fixtures too.  I will be spending sometime looking at ideas online. Then of course after I finish remodeling my bathroom, I need to remodel the main bathroom in the house.  I really would like to get a new tub and shower head. My daughter has her own bathroom and it’s small but it really needs some remodeling also. I don’t think it will cost that much to fix hers up. It just needs new fixtures like the other bathrooms.  It just seems like there’s so much that needs to be done in this house but not enough money to do it. I guess I will just have to focus on one room at a time. It may take awhile but hopefully, I’ll eventually have the house looking the way I want it.

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