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It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything. Whoops! I’ve been super busy with school. I am transferring to a state university and hoping to have my B.A.S in a few semesters. I guess I really like community college because I have around 130 hours of credits lol. I have had my A.A.S. degree for awhile and then I decided I wanted to further my education. So I got out of the whole childcare thing and went back full time. I was going to go into the graphic design program that one of the CC offers, but I found out that I’d have to attend classes on campus. The campus was over an hour away and I didn’t want to have to go that far. So I decided to go with general studies while I decided what I wanted to pursue. I decided on Business and transferred to a university. I start classes in the fall and I am hoping that I can keep my B average.

I was trying to decide between the B.B.A. program and B.A.S. But when I saw that I wouldn’t have to go to school as long to get my B.A.S since I already have my A.A.S., that’s the program I went into. It’s totally online, except for when I have to take proctored exams. I’m still not sure how that’s going to work. There’s a CC about 15 min from where I am so I wonder if that’s where I’ll go to take them. That’s where I had to take my exams while I was attending the CC that is an hour away.

I haven’t decided what to do with my degree once I get it. If anyone reading there has a B.A.S. or a B.B.A. what do you do as a career?

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