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I was checking my facebook yesterday when I noticed that my wishy washy friend, A. wasn’t on there anymore. I thought maybe she just deactivated it. So I went to my daughter’s account and sure enough, I could see A.’s profile.  So I decided to check instagram.  She blocked me there and also on pinterest.  I was thinking, wtheck?  Now for a little backstory. She was married to someone named D.  They divorced but he’s a decent guy and Will and I are friends with him.  A. used to lie about him all the time to me and had me believing he wasn’t taking care of their daughter. I finally figured out she was just lying to make herself look better.  She has done nothing but lied about him to whoever would listen.

Now back to the original story.  D. was friends on fb with both Will and I.  I noticed he had deleted and blocked me.  I sent a message to his new wife and asked why he would do that.  She said she didn’t know and that nothing had been said to her.  D. unblocked me this morning so I decided to send him a message and see what was going on.  He posted a status to the effect of how people seem to screw him over and benefit from it. I liked the status but I am not sure if it was about her or not.   A. must have seen that from her daughter’s account and got angry about it. So she told D. that I was telling her that he was talking about her on facebook, which isn’t true at all.  I admitted that when they first split up and she had me believing he wasn’t a good father, I said something then. I thought I was being a good friend But that was over a year or two ago and before I was really friends with D. After I figured out the truth, I stopped saying anything about him to her at all.  I just stayed out of it.  I mean if she’s referring to that, why in the world would she bring it up nearly 2 years later? Of course, she didn’t tell him she was the one initiating the conversations badmouthing him.  But, as I said before, I learned to stay out of it

The fact is, she thought the status was about her, saw that I “liked” it and got mad. She wanted to confront D., but she knew if she told him how she saw the status, she’d look like a stalker. So she just told him I had been telling her he was talking about her on fb.  Which I didn’t.  I always say that I am done with her.  I’ve known her for  a long time and always tried to see the good in her. But this time, I am done. She is delusional and has no problem making up lies about someone to get her way. A. tried to ruin my marriage with lies, then when that didn’t work, she told the principal at Jake’s school that he was bullying her oldest son (not true at all).  Jake was about in 6th grade, I think. I took my butt right up to the school when I found out about it and let the vice principal know exactly what kind of person A. was.  Of course, I don’t think she believed me, but I’m guessing after A.’s son started constantly getting in trouble and being sent to the alternative school, she knew I was right.

I have no clue what her problem is. I don’t know why she feels it’s ok to lie about people. Who knows, maybe she is so delusional that she believes her own lies.  Maybe I don’t understand it because I am not that type of person. I don’t think any normal person sets out to ruin someone else’s life just because they are jealous. I will admit, I get jealous of people sometimes, but I would never think about lying about them because of it.

The funny thing is, I was actually considering deleting her anyway because I got tired of all of the stuff she posted on fb. So she really did me a favor. So does anyone have any suggestions on how to deal with a delusional person like this?


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