Do I Bring Presents To A Gender Reveal Party?

The guests actually decide whether or not ┬áto bring a gift. Neither way is wrong. The hosts probably won’t expect a gift because this type of party is just all about fun, but not many people have been known to turn away a gift.


Bringing a cute baby present or something the parents will love is just another way to show your affection and appreciation for being invited so if you bring a gift, you’ve done nothing wrong, but no one will be expecting it.


Whether it’s the first child or the eighth child, once a couple finds out they are pregnant, it’s a huge choice to find out the gender or just be surprised at the birth.


If they decide to find out the gender, it’s a truly exciting time for family and friends alike, so the gender reveal parties is a gift in itself. ┬áSometimes people have fun themes with games and music. Some of the best themes include food, movie themes, paint guns or clothes, such as tutus and bow ties, according to Gender Reveal Surprise.


Parties may have rooms filled with balloons as you just await on pins and needles for one of those balloons to be popped as the colored confetti streams out exclaiming the gender. Other parties may have games where partygoers follow clues to find the gender reveal present at the end.


The best thing is the reveals don’t have to stop at confetti and powder. Many hosts fill cakes and/or cupcakes with the color of the gender and have everyone gather around for a sweet revealing treat. Some hosts go as far as to put colors in their car exhaust and rev down the road as the colored powder flows out. Everyone has their own ideas and nothing seems to be off limits. It’s all about celebrating loved ones, the new parents and the exciting new addition.


If you decide to bring the parents a gift, go unique.


It might be even a little more fun to bring the new sibling a gift because they may be feeling a bit left out and confused about all of the upcoming changes. Give them a gift or give the entire family a gift for an extra special surprise. Your gift could even go with the theme of the party. If the parents choose to hit a ball filled with powder, bring them a sporty golf gift. A gift doesn’t need to be something expensive as you can go all out for the shower later, it just need to be something fun or from the heart.


Enjoy this life changing time with loved ones and just have a lot of fun. To make sure your gender reveal party is a great success, follow these tips in the blog at Gender Reveal Surprise.


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Welcome to the World, Cooper!

So, Thursday, I get a text from my pregnant sister, Kristi, saying that her bp was high and that she was being admitted to the hospital for observation. I didn’t go over there because her due date wasn’t until the 12th so I figured they would just send her home. I got a text later that afternoon saying that they were going to induce labor that night/early morning. So I took off work Friday and made the hour drive to the hospital. I got there around 7:30 a.m. I brought my kindle, phone, and ipod because I figured it was going to be while. The hospital’s internet was down (well the public wifi anyway) but cell phone service was great so I was able to text and facebook. I get stir crazy if I have to sit still for too long with nothing to do.
My parents, my other sister, and I went out for a bit to get some lunch and to do a little shopping. I wanted to get something for the baby, but my sister didn’t find out the gender (her choice) so I had no clue what to buy. We went back to the hospital and sat around for a bit. The labor wasn’t progressing and so they decided on a csection.
At 5:53 p.m. my niece, Cooper Dylan was born. She was 6lbs 6oz and 20.5 inches long. She is beautiful! It almost makes me want to have another one, until I hear my sister say she didn’t get any sleep. Then I’m like “Nah, I’m good.” I enjoy sleeping 6-8 hours a night without having to get up every 2 hours.
I did go out and buy Coop some clothes though. I was so excited to be able to buy something that wasn’t gender neutral lol. My youngest sister, Courtney, did the same thing, so Cooper should be good on clothes for a little while. Whenever I buy her something else, I’ll make sure it’s 0-3 months because I think she has plenty of newborn stuff.
Oh and my kids, especially Rhiannon and Trey are ecstatic about having a cousin. Trey got to hold her and he is asking when we can go see her again. I wish my sister didn’t live an hour away. I would probably be over there all the time if she lived closer. I could just sit and hold her for hours! She loves to be cuddled and hates whenever she has to get her diaper changed. Actually, she doesn’t like being moved around at all. If she’s comfy in someone’s arms, she starts fussing whenever she’s handed to someone else.
I am supposed to be taking some newborn photos for her. I have to get Will to build my background stand, get a bean bag chair, and get some stuff for the background. I am so excited! I will share those pics on here, as long as my sister doesn’t mind. So yep, that was my weekend, very busy, but wonderful!

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