Top things I wish people would stop doing on facebook

I love facebook,I do. It’s the main way I keep up with family and friends. However, there are a few things I wish people would stop doing. Some of these I’ve done in the past and realized how annoying it was in retrospect, so I don’t do them anymore.

1. Stop whining about people so much on facebook, especially using vague status updates. We know you are talking about someone on your friend list. So either a.) talk to them about whatever issue you have with them or b.) delete them from your friend list if they annoy you that much.
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2. Starting arguments on someone’s post (yes, this means photos too). If you don’t like what they are saying then just keep scrolling. And of course, you also have the option of unfollowing them (without unfriending) if they offend you that much.

3. Unless you are going to post recipes, no one cares about what you are having for supper. So you don’t have to post your menu every single night. I know you do far more than look forward to supper every night, at least, I hope so LOL

4. You don’t have to post a million selfies a day. I assure you, no one has forgotten what you look like. A selfie a day isn’t even that annoying, but more than that just looks like you are fishing for compliments.
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Let me just say, for the record, I have at least done the first one. I used to whine on facebook a lot until I realized how annoying I sounded. Now, I try to keep the complaining to a minimum and post funny stuff. That’s much more appealing than constantly complaining about how much people suck. I know this is a short list, so if you have any you’d like to add, please let me know in the comments.


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Avoiding drama on facebook

I have had my share of drama on facebook.  It was before I realized just how stupid it made me look.  I’ve since learned a few tips (from experience).  Facebook has a “restricted” option. This means you can place people on this list and the only posts they will see are the ones you choose to make public.  This has been a great thing for me because if someone tries to start an argument on a status, I can simply put them on restricted instead of totally unfriending them. Most of the time, people don’t know they are on the restricted list.

Another way to avoid getting into an unnecessary argument is to just keep scrolling when you see a post you don’t agree with.  I have seen so many posts where I wanted to disagree with what was stated, but I thought about it and decided it’s just not worth the hassle and anger that will come with it.  People have the right to put what they want on their page.  If it offends me that much, I can either hide their posts or unfriend them.

I also try not to post too much negativity on my facebook. I used to rant nearly all the time on my fb. But then when I saw someone else doing it, I realized how annoying it got after awhile. So I try to post things that don’t make me seem like I’m constantly in an angry mood lol. However, I have had someone try to start an argument on a ordinary every day post.  I just try my best to ignore it. Some people are only happy when they are riling someone else up.  I knew if I responded to their comment, I’d only be giving them what they wanted: an argument.  That wasn’t easy for me though because I always think I have to have some witty come back.  But I found that when I ignored them, I didn’t give them anything to work with so they didn’t say anything else

I want to use facebook to share photos and things about my family with people I care about. I don’t want to use it to start pointless disagreements or post only negativity.  If people need to complain constantly, maybe they should invest in a journal.

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