Another Halloween in the Books!

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Another Halloween in the books!

I can’t believe Halloween is over already!  My grands and my youngest son went to two different treat streets on two different days. We didn’t really do anything on Halloween except go to my aunts and grill out with them.  I was “Halloweened out” anyway LOL.  We’ve actually started having fall weather here in MS.  It was warm on the days of the treat streets but not so hot that I was sweating. So that’s a plus.  We had storms come through the other day that brought a cool front with it so now we are having seasonal temps which for us is around 60-70 during the day and 40s and 50s at night.  And if you’re from the south, you know that is cool to us LOL.

Only 7 Weeks Until Christmas!

When the temps start dropping, it always puts me in a Christmas mood. Yes, I know Thanksgiving is before Christmas but it’s always good to get a head start on buying Christmas gifts.  My grands will need new clothes as they outgrow things so fast. I will probably check out Gymboree on Black Friday to see if they are having any sales (they usually do). My granddaughter loves getting clothes for her birthday/Christmas. My grandson is too young to care but I like to make sure he’s well dressed too. My youngest son is just now starting to care about clothes. He’s very much into graphic tees like the ones on Redbubble. My daughter, who is 17, isn’t too picky about what she wants. She usually just asks for clothes and maybe a video game. I have my oldest son and his wife to buy for also. I have never known what to buy him. I know the kind of things my daughter-in-law likes so it should be pretty easy to get my shopping done for her. Oh and on a side note, my daughter-in-law is pregnant and due in February! So I’ll have another little one to buy for next year. Wow…all this Christmas talk really makes me want to go and put up my tree right now, but I’ll wait until at least the weekend before Thanksgiving or Thanksgiving weekend. I have an artificial tree so it doesn’t matter how long I have it up.
Oh and before I close out this post, I’m going to try to find some awesome giveaways for y’all to enter. I’m sure there will be plenty with the upcoming holiday season.

Till next time guys…

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Hello 2014!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Mine was nice. I loved being able to hang out with my family. My kids woke me up at around 4 am on Christmas morning. I told them to leave me alone until at least 6, maybe 6:30. We had to be at my mom’s around 8 so I got up around 6. The kids were super excited about their gifts. Well, I couldn’t tell if Jake was excited or not. He had the typical 16 year old boy reaction. But it was all stuff he asked for, so I guess he liked it.
Will did pretty good picking out my Christmas gifts this year. He bought me a Kindle Fire. I’ve been wanting one for awhile because I love to read and the kindle books are cheaper than the actual book. Then he bought me some cool Converse sneakers I had been eyeing for the past month or so. And he bought me some perfume. He knows what I like because unlike some women, I actually tell him. I don’t rely on subtle hints because I know that men usually don’t pick up on them lol. So since, I was specific about what I wanted, I got things I liked haha.

We decided to spend New Years Eve at our house. I invited my parents, my sisters, and my aunt and uncle. We had various finger foods. I think I ate more then than I did for Christmas dinner. My sisters always make amazing snack foods and my mom makes the most delicious cheese ball. My aunt is also a really good cook. We ate and talked for awhile and then shot some fireworks. We didn’t get any of the super expensive kind so the effects were kind of…eh. LOL. The big kids aka my husband and brother-in-law only want to shoot roman candles and bottle rockets. The real kids had sparklers and those snapper things. My porch was so messy the next day.

Here’s a few photos from NYE. I’m still working on how to get good shots of sparklers and fireworks 🙂 .
 photo DSC_0044_zps54c48d44.jpg

 photo DSC_0038_zps64d21ab5.jpg

 photo DSC_0139_zps459a1b8d.jpg

 photo DSC_0154_zps4ade99bd.jpg

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Is it socially acceptable to put up my tree yet? The weather says yes, but the calendar says no.

It’s been cold here the past couple of days. It almost makes me want to hunt down a Christmas tree and put it up. But I think most of the Christmas tree farms here don’t sell until the day after Thanksgiving. I have finally talked Will into getting a real tree this year. We have been together for over 14 years and have never had a real tree. We’ve always had the artificial ones. He just didn’t want to forget to water a live tree and waste money. But I’m at home most of the day and I homeschool. So I think one of use should remember to water the tree LOL. I am just hoping that our cats don’t decide it’s a climbing post. I am going to have to research ways to keep them away from the tree. Our oldest cat is 2 and she’s kinda lazy and has never bothered the fake tree. But our other cat, Paisley, is around 10 months old and he’s extremely active. So he’ll probably be the one I have to “shoo” away from the tree. We have a scratching post for them but Paisley is nosy so that probably won’t keep him from scratching on the tree. So anyone with inside cats, if you have any suggestions on how to keep them away from the tree, please feel free to share!
So anyway, I won’t be putting up a tree just yet. I’ll probably wait until the weekend after Thanksgiving. However, I won’t be totally surprised if I see some people putting up decorations this weekend. However, that’s their business and who can blame them? The stores have had Christmas decorations out since before Halloween. And yes, I totally looked at them after looking at Halloween costumes for the kiddos LOL. I also love going to the mall when they put their decorations up. I don’t take the kids to see Santa though because Jake is 16, and Rhiannon is 12 so they think they are too “old” for that sort of thing and there’s no way that my 8 yr old, Trey is going to go up there by himself. And plus, the price for the photos is just ridiculous. They have signs up at our local malls asking people not to take photos with their cell phones. So I’m guessing taking my DSLR and my zoom lens would be a no-no too, huh? (I’m being totally sarcastic here, in case you couldn’t tell 😀 ). Oh well, I’ll just take my own cute photos at home….

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