How to Keep Your Childcare Provider Happy

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  • Don’t send an excessive amount of toys with your child.  It’s probably a good idea to leave all toys at home.  Most childcare providers have plenty of age appropriate toys for your child. They don’t want to spend their day trying to keep up with toys or keep them from getting broken by other kids
  • Pay your childcare provider on time.  Seriously, this is my biggest complaint.  I have gotten paid late several times because parents either “didn’t have it this week” or they “forgot”. How would you feel if you didn’t get paid when you were supposed to? You’d probably be pretty angry.
  • If you are going to be late, give your childcare provider adequate notice. If you are supposed to pick your child up at 5:30, don’t text/call them at 4:30 and tell them that you have decided to run an errand and will be late.  Providers have a life outside of work just like you do.
  • Drop your child off at the same time everyday. I provided part time care for a child once and the father worked nights. He didn’t have to be at work until later on in the afternoon. However, his drop off time ranged from 10 am-1 pm.  It was tough to keep the other kids on a schedule on the days the child was here.
  • If you have a problem with something that I do, tell me. Don’t run to facebook and vaguely makes statuses about me.  I had a couple of parents (sisters) who didn’t like the fact I was taking a week off.  I gave them ample notice and instead of talking to me about it, they went to their mom who then unfriended me then made a public status about looking for other childcare providers in the area. Looking back in restrospect, I probably should have never “friended” them on facebook.  That’s another topic all together though.
  • Don’t ply your child with children’s pain reliever and then drop them off.  It will become  evident that your child doesn’t feel well once it wears off.  If the child has a fever I will call you to come pick him/her up.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the kids I have kept in my home. It’s usually the parents who really get under my skin.  And I’m a push over so people have taken advantage of me many times. I know there are some awesome daycare parents.  I just haven’t met any of them lol. Seriously, every one I’ve provided childcare for has done one or more things on the list.

If you’re a childcare provider, is there anything you’d add to the list?

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Why I hate Chuck E. Cheese

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It’s nothing personal against the big creepy mouse, really.  It’s more the fact that they are understaffed and need kiddie bouncers.  Like maybe hire some buff 12 year olds to stop the little ones from climbing on the rides while someone else is on them or stop kids from hogging the skee ball machines.  I also believe that they should hand out Xanax and a shot of whiskey to every parent who walks through the door.  I was certainly needing one the other day when we took the kids to a birthday party there.  Well it wasn’t exactly a birthday party. The mom didn’t pay for a party package so it was kind of like “Hey, follow us to Chuck E. Cheese hell, but I’m not going to tell you you’re going to have to fend for yourselves when it comes to pizza/drinks/tokens until we get there.” Actually, the mom didn’t tell us until she and her sister had already ordered stuff for their kids and Trey was just sitting there. So Will ordered us some food, drinks and of course tokens.  I didn’t feel obligated to hang around the birthday girl since we had to pay for our own stuff.  Also, our pizza took a record 30 minutes to get done, when everyone else’s was done in around 10 minutes.

My granddaughter, Kali, was on a ride and one little girl took it upon her self to try to climb into the girl (which was for only one person). I looked right at her and told her “Um, honey, you need to get down right now”.  I have no clue where her mom was and I’m sure she didn’t either. She looked to be around 3.  Not to mention, there were girls who looked to be at least 12 running through the already crowded game area.  Then the machines were taking Trey’s tokens but the game wasn’t working. Good luck trying to tell someone who works there about it.  They acted as if checking the machine and refunding tokens wasn’t part of their job. I mean I get it, your job sucks. They couldn’t pay me enough to deal with all of the screaming,yelling kids that come in and out of that place.  I just hope that maybe that job is enough to motivate them to finish college and get a job where they don’t have to deal with the craziness that comes from working at a place like Chuck E. Cheese. If I had to deal with that on a daily basis, I don’t think I’d last a week before they had to put me in a straight jacket and lock me away.  Of course, it’s not just the kids who are at fault. Their parents are also.  Apparently no on teachers their kids basic manners anymore.  I don’t think any of those kids knew what “wait your turn” means.

When we got ready to leave I didn’t bother going to find the mom who cooked up the idea for us all to go to this place I wouldn’t wish on my biggest enemy.  I just text her and told her we were leaving and thanks for the invite.  She text back later and said that she had been looking for us and sorry that we had to leave. I wasn’t sorry one bit LOL.  We left because for one, my nerves just couldn’t handle the mess that is Chuck E. Cheese and two, Rhiannon wanted to go shopping with some money she had saved up.  I was just glad we had an excuse to leave…

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Positive change

It’s December already. I’ve only posted here and there because I’ve been busy. And we’ve also had a bit of drama. Nothing too major, well it’s major, but it’s good news.  I don’t usually post really personal stuff on here, but I decided to go ahead and post this.

This story will probably be a little long but I will make it as short as I can.  My husband got a call about 2 weeks before Thanksgiving at around 11:30 pm. He was asleep but I saw that his mom was the one calling, so I told him to answer his phone.  My mil told him that there was some girl who had called her saying that my husband is her father.  Now, before anyone freaks out, this girl is nearly 18. I’ve only been with my husband for 16 years so therefore, the girl was born before we ever got together.  However, I was still upset.  I didn’t know what to think.  I was just really shocked.  My husband had told me about the situation with his ex and how she was pregnant but told him that the baby wasn’t his.  She and her parents also didn’t want him coming around and pretty much threatened him.  He was 16 so he let them intimidate him. He even offered to take care of the baby even if it wasn’t his. Not because he just loved his ex so much but because he didn’t want the child to be without a father.  They still told him no, they didn’t want him around.  He moved on with his life, met my son Jake, and I. We dated, got married and had our two kids.

I will admit, I didn’t handle the news well at first. I was angry and even though he didn’t cheat on me, I felt as though he had. I prayed, a lot.  I was finally able to put my feelings aside and encourage my husband to at least call the girl. She said she didn’t want anything. She just wanted to know her dad.  I am not going to go into details but she has not had the best life. I wish that Will and I had known about her years ago so we could have raised her.  But there’s nothing that can be done about that now. And here’s the kicker.  The daughter has a daughter of her own(she’s almost 1). So not only did I gain a daughter, I gained a granddaughter as well.  We were able to go and see them in the state they live in.  It was a really wonderful visit and I am glad to have them in our family now.  The only thing I have been aggravated by is the hostility of the ex. I am not sure what she has to be mad at my husband about because he was never mean to her or anything. It’s just one of those things I am gonna have to pray about.  I would share pics of our meeting on here, but I will probably wait awhile.  But my bonus daughter and her daughter are both gorgeous, inside and out.

Will and I text her every day to see how she’s doing. I don’t think she’s ever really had someone who has cared enough to check on her everyday.  But she’s part of our family and I will treat her the same way I treat my other kids.  She will probably get tired of me checking up on her all the time, but hey, she wanted a real family LOL.

I was kind of apprehensive about posting about it on Facebook because I live in a small town. And if you know anything about small towns, you know they thrive on gossip.  But I decided to put it out there in case anyone else heard about tit and started adding their own spin to things.  I know how easily rumors spread in a  small town.  The people who commented on the photos had positive things to say.  I’m sure there are a few who have their own thoughts and that’s fine. I’ve started realizing that I don’t need to take everyone’s opinion into consideration.

Ok, well I have some various Christmas light photos I will try to post later.  I got some great shots of the Christmas lights at Canton this year. 😀


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Potty Train in Just 3 Days


Whenever my kids were at the potty training stage I always had such a difficult time getting them interested in using the potty. I don’t know if they just weren’t interested or if they were too busy playing to stop and use the potty. With my youngest, it was at the point where I didn’t think he’d ever get potty trained. I tried everything I could think of. I mean there was no bribing this child with toys or stickers. He wasn’t going to use the potty, well because he just didn’t want to. I wish had this book then. It probably would have made things a lot easier. My youngest is 9 now so I don’t quite remember exactly how I finally got him completely potty trained. I just know it was a long, arduous task. It involved me stressing out and on the verge of just accepting that my son was going to be in diapers well into adult hood or at least until middle school. But yes, he was eventually potty trained and doesn’t require diapers or pullups.
However, I have run into yet another potty training problem. I currently provide childcare for a nearly 3 year old girl. She has a potty chair here but she refuses to use it. I’ve also offered to let her use the “big” potty, but she also refuses that. I am thinking about suggesting this book to her mom so maybe whenever there’s another long holiday weekend, she can work on training her.
So to all you moms out there: How long did it take you to potty train your little one/s? Was it easier or more difficult that you had imagined?

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