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Don't Buy It Rent It Sweepstakes

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Giveaway ends September 7th at 11:59pm, open to US and Canadian residents, ages 18+. Excludes Quebec. Only one entrant per household, per address. Winner is subject to eligibility verification. Enter using the giveaway form below.

Don’t Buy It, Rent It Sweepstakes
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I have to say I am really disappointed in how things at my old school have been going lately. It’s one of the main reasons I homeschool Rhiannon and Trey. Jake still goes there, but that’s because he wants to. Honestly, I think most of the problems are in the elementary and middle school. In my opinion, the admins are just as much bullies as some of the kids. I had an issue with the person who was the middle school principal who was there whenever Jake was at that school. That vp has since moved to the elementary school. And there’s a former teacher who is now the vp at the middle school. I won’t go into details about what all happened but I will say that the admin I had problems with lied to my face and changed her story several times.
And apparently, stuff like that is still going on. A parent’s child is being bullied and physically threatened(bully threatened to stab the other child). The parents went to the school admins, then the superintendent. Nothing was done to the bully. They then pressed charges and went to court but so far, nothing has really been done. The parent created a page as a forum to discuss issues happening at the school. A few people have made fake accounts and started bashing the page. Now keep in mind, no one on the page has mentioned names,just situations. I would understand someone getting angry if names were being put out there, but that hasn’t happened. Also, let me mention that this school is not a huge school. It’s not tiny, but it’s small enough to where there are society “cliques”. I guess some people don’t realize that popularity contests should be left in high school.
There’s a school board meeting tonight and the creator of the facebook page is going. I am hoping that they can get their situation worked out. It’s not right for a child to go to school and have to deal with bullies. And I also have no respect for the parents of the bully. If the bully has charges pressed against her, the parents must know what is going on. They should be trying to do everything they can to ensure that their child stops bullying the other child. But sometimes either the parents don’t care or they encourage that sort of behavior. If that’s the case then they are just as guilty as their child.

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The School Supplies You Definitely Should Invest In for Your Children

If your child has the right supplies both in school and at home, he or she can succeed and do much better in every subject area. Today’s school supplies make staying organised a lot easier, and this helps students do better in the classroom and at home while they are completing the assignments that they had to take with them for the night. Therefore, if you want to give your child a great head start, make sure you purchase the very best new school supplies that are available. Continue reading for a short list that will help you get started.

Multi-Subject Notebooks

Multi-subject notebooks are so affordable, yet many parents disregard them when they are shopping for the school supplies that their children will need. If your child tends to be a little disorganised or tends to forget important books in school, make it easier on him or her by getting multi-subject notebooks that can hold anywhere from 3 to 5 subjects at a time. In this way, your child will have less to carry, including a lighter backpack, and he or she will be less likely to forget the necessary books both for class and for homework.

A Personal Calendar and Organiser

A personal calendar and organiser is a perfect tool that your child can learn to use at a young age in order to make sense of all of the important due dates that his or her teachers are throwing at him or her. In addition to copying down homework assignments, this organiser can be used to schedule practices for sporting activities or other extra-curricular events, and your child can even use it to schedule play dates with friends. Getting into this habit of staying organised and writing things down so that they are in a safe place for accessing them easily later on will help your child immensely as he or she gets older and busier. And it will definitely help when he or she enters college and the workplace as well, where deadlines are tighter and there will be a lot more that needs to be handled on a daily basis.

A Thermos for a Warm Lunch

For a warm lunch that will keep your child going through the rest of the school day, make sure you purchase a high quality, no-leak thermos that you can pack inside his or her lunch bag. In addition to breakfast, lunch is a very important meal of the day because your child will need to refuel to keep going.

A Customised Backpack

Students today end up shopping at the same retail locations and on the same websites, so many of them end up with the same exact supplies, and this can make it very confusing, especially for young children who may get their things mixed up with those of other students. To keep things organised and to ensure your child never mistakes someone else’s backpack for his or her own, purchase some bag tags or even a customised backpack with your child’s name on it. 

Lisa Jones is a freelancer who also works in education. She sees how many students can do better in school if they only had the right supplies with them. That is why she makes it a point to send a list of necessary supplies home to parents at the start of each school year.

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How You Can Teach Kids About Lab Safety

*guest post*

A science lab is an engaging place, an area in which students can learn actively by getting hands-on in performing experiments. However, as you know, lab experiments can frequently be dangerous, especially if you’re not adequately protected.

When children are involved, any sort of danger seems to increase in risk almost exponentially, so it is vital that they are taught how to remain safe whilst working in a lab environment.


Take the students on an informative tour of the classroom lab and make sure they all know exactly where all the emergency gear is located. Ensure they know all about the first aid kits, fire extinguishers and the eye-wash station, as well as the emergency shower if there is one.

Drill it into them than running is not to occur within the lab walls unless there is a real emergency going on; better to be safe than sorry!

Safety Gear

Show the pupils all of the safety equipment that they’ll be wearing throughout any lab-based lessons – lab coats, goggles, gloves: the works! Treat them maturely, like they’re adults, and they are much more likely to take this little lesson seriously. Take each item in turn and explain exactly why it is imperative to their safety.

If you want to add a bit of extra gravitas, go into detail about specific dangers – abrasive chemicals, flammable materials and so on. Give someone increased responsibilities whilst ensuring all the kids are wearing their equipment by appointing someone as the Official Goggle Monitor.

Make Some Posters

Partly because it’s a creative distraction from their usual lessons, children love spending time making educational posters. Spend a lesson with the kids making a wide variety of different posters and hang these on the walls – the kids will be proud at seeing their hard work being displayed, and they’ll act as a permanent reminder of the rules of the lab.

Assign different groups different tasks: one lot can be tasked with documenting the different hazard symbols, one can detail the different lab furniture and so on.

Click here for different lab safety poster ideas, or find out about different lab furniture by clicking here.

Make a Show

Perform a simple (but dramatic!) experiment at the front of the class, something that will enthral the kids while also making them well aware of the risks of such experimentation. One such experiment is adding water to burning magnesium – the flames are so intense that it’s breath-taking, but it would be hard to argue that they would be harmless under different circumstances!

Make sure that you explain all the safety procedures you are following as you go along, and make it clear what could go wrong at each stage if you weren’t playing by the rules. The danger and the impressiveness will make sure it lodges in the kids’ brains – maybe do it on a Monday morning to really wake them up!

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