Snow Day 2017

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year’s Day.  We actually had a pretty cold December. We even got snow on the 8th. Of course, this is the south so it was all gone by the 3rd day.  It never stays cold enough for the snow to stay any longer than a day or so.  But the kids had fun playing in it.  I took a lot of photos which I haven’t even finished editing yet.  I have a few I can share though.

Holly berries
Trail to the barn at my sister’s house
Across the road from my house
Old barn at my sister’s house


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Wordless Wednesday

Well almost wordless lol. This is the first snow we’ve had in MS this year. We do get snow occasionally, but not very often.

DSC 0119

DSC 0111

DSC 0121

DSC 0123

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