These Gloves are Made for Dancing—and So Much More!

Nylon dance gloves are a great way to add some excitement to your team’s next performance. Drill teams, cheerleaders, twirlers and other dancers look sharper when each member is wearing a matching pair of gloves. Or, you could mix and match solid colored pairs to show your team colors, wearing orange on the right hand and blue on the left for instance. These gloves aren’t just made for dancing, however. There are a variety of other groups that will look better and draw attention to themselves by wearing nylon gloves. Many companies that sell nylon gloves offer bulk discounts for group orders as well, making them more affordable than ever.

Marching Bands and Drum Lines

There is no better way to show off the fancy finger work of the brass section or the precision percussion playing of a drum line. Wearing gloves unites the musicians, draws attention to their skills and touts their teamwork. An added bonus: gloves will keep hands warm during those cold autumn football games!

Theatrical Costumes

Gloves add the finishing touch to any theater costume, especially period pieces. Whether you need a pair of elbow length gloves for a 1920’s flapper to hold her cigarette with or a pair of demure white short gloves for a southern bell to hold her fan with, there are a variety of styles, colors and lengths to choose from.

Choir Performances

Many school or church choirs incorporate sign language or hand movements into some of their musical numbers. Outfitting the members of the choir in matching nylon gloves will add a bit more flair to those numbers. They are small enough that the gloves can be inconspicuously stored in the singers’ pockets, underneath chairs or risers.

Charitable Causes

More and more organizations are getting involved in charity benefits and awareness campaigns for a variety of causes. A great way to draw attention to your group is to have members wear matching gloves that support the color assigned to the cause. For instance your group could wear:

  • Red gloves in February for American Heart Month
  • Pink gloves in October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  • Green gloves for Earth Day in April

Dance gloves are perfect for any of these occasions because they are made of stretchy nylon and will fit most any size of hand. Men and women alike can comfortably wear them.

Halloween Costumes

Many Halloween costume kits do not include additional accessories such as wigs, jewelry or gloves. Nylon gloves are inexpensive and versatile. You can use the same pair for multiple costumes. A pair of long red gloves, for instance can be used to vilify Cruella DeVille or power-up a Wonder Woman costume. White gloves can be used for many different costumes including Mickey Mouse, a military dress uniform or a French maid to name just a few. Yellow gloves can be used for a Belle princess costume or a fun bumble bee outfit.

Other Uses

As you can see, there are many different uses for nylon dance gloves; they aren’t just for dancers! With a little imagination, you may be able to come up with some other great uses for these versatile accessories as well.


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