I Miss My Camera……

My camera decided to poop out on me,so I guess I’m going to send it in to have it fixed. I have a backup camera but I want mine to work. And as I was thinking about cameras, I thought back to a few years ago when a local photographer decided to stalk my blog(to this day I have no clue how she found it). She never commented but she messaged me on facebook and some of the stuff she said I knew she had read my blog. Oh and another reason is that I mentioned I really wanted to buy a full frame camera (D800) but how I did’t have the money to spend on it. Within the next week after I had written that post, she went out and bought one.

From what I understand she inherited some money so she has a disposable income. She can afford to do that. I’m not even going to comment on the quality of her photos. Let’s just say that I’ve realized it doesn’t matter how fancy a camera is. It depends on the person behind the camera as to how the photos turn out. I’m not jealous of this local photographer. I just don’t like her attitude. She saw me as competition and tried to out do me. But that’s fine. Photography isn’t my hobby because I try to be better than anyone else. It’s my hobby because I enjoy it. I have done a few portrait sessions for people I know, but I much rather prefer landscapes and nature. It’s much more calming that dealing with people lol. I love to just walk around my house and find things that interest me and take a few shots. Like this one:

I took this photo from my back yard.
I took this photo from my back yard.

I took that with my backup camera. I’m hoping that I can get my camera fixed soon so I can get some more great shots with it. Until then,I’ll just keep using my other camera so at least I can get my photography fix LOL.

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