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Since I started my job as a day time nanny, homeschooling is going to be a little bit different this year.  My kids are older (15 and 11) so they are old enough to stay by  themselves.  I also have family really close by if they need anything.  Rhiannon, my 15 year old, is in 10th grade this year.  She works really well on her on.  My 11 year old, Trey, is the one I really have to get after about doing his school work. I get home around 4:30 everyday and if he pays attention, it only takes maybe an hour to do his work.  Also, Rhiannon is old enough to help him with his work.

I have had a few people ask how the whole homeschooling thing works since I’m not at home and I’ve explained it to them. They kind of look at me dubiously.  It still amazes me at how little respect homeschoolers get.  Some people think in order for kids to learn, they have to sit in a classroom for 8 hours a day with 30 other kids.  It’s crazy how we’ve been conditioned to think this way.  And I will admit, I also used to think that way. It’s taken me awhile to get out of that way of thinking.  I’m not saying that kids who go to school aren’t just as smart as homeschooled kids. However, homeschooled kids are also well educated.  I like the fact that my kids are able to learn in their way and not in a “one size fits all” manner.  All kids do not learn the same.


By the way, if you’re interested in the homeschool program we use, it’s Discovery K12.  It allows you to record your attendance and work you’ve completed and it’s free.  No, I didn’t get paid to mention them, I just think it’s a wonderful site, especially for those who are looking for an affordable way to homeschool!

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  1. I am learning a lot about home schooling from different blogs. Have to admit I could understand the ones that live a long way from the school doing it. But never knew/understood some of the reason why people that were only a few minutes from schools did homeschooling

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