Cricut Deals through 1/29

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Cricut has some great deals going on right now, but hurry before they expire! is offering Free Economy Shipping on orders $99+ with code SHIPJAN or JANSHIP through 1/31.

Maker 3 machine only $399! Valid through 1/29.

Explore 3 machine only $299.99! Valid through 1/29.

Save $150 on the Maker machine! Valid through 1/29.

Explore Air 2 on sale for $179! Valid through 1/29.

Joy machine on sale for $169! Valid through 1/29.

EasyPress Mini only $49. Valid through 1/29.

EasyPress 9×9 only $139. Valid through 1/29.

EasyPress 12×10 only $189. Valid through 1/29.

Mug Press on sale for $179! Valid through 1/29.

Save 30% on Iron-On! Valid through 1/29.

Save 30% on Pens & Markers! Valid through 1/29.

Save 30% on Maker-Only Materials! Valid through 1/29.

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Gazelle iPhone 11 and 12 are on sale!

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

I’m sure many of you have started your holiday shopping and nothing makes a better gift than a new smartphone. Gazelle is offering my readers 10% off all iPhone 11 and 12 models. This offer runs for a limited time only (through 11/21), so hurry before the deal runs out!

Don’t forget about Black Friday and Cyber Monday! This year, you can get 10% off all products at Gazelle. This offer begins on 11/22 and will run until 11/29.

Shop Now for Certified Pre-Owned Devices at Gazelle!

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Cricut sales!

**This post contains affiliate links, and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

If you’re looking for a gift for someone this holiday season (or maybe even for yourself), you can’t go wrong with a Cricut machine.  I have the Maker and I love it. I also have the Joy which is a small portable machine.  You can literally take it anywhere. The Maker is great for larger products while the Joy is great for smaller ones and it can create cute little cards as well.

Currently, Cricut is running some really great sales. The largest machine Cricut currently has, the Maker is on sale for $249 until 11/16.

Cricut Maker Machine
Cricut Maker

The Explore air 2  is on sale for $169(ends 11/16). It’s between the Joy and the Maker. It’s an excellent machine though.  However, if you’d  like something smaller and portable the Joy machine is on sale for $129! (11/16). And there are the presses that can be used  such as the Mug press, for $179,  Easy Press Mini, $49,  Easy Press 9X9, $149, and the Easy Press 12X10 , $199.  These sales all end on 11/16, so hurry before time runs out!



Explore Air 2









Also, until 11/16, Cricut Access members save 50% on accessories.  So take advantage of these deals because they won’t last forever!


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Giving Gifts in 2018

Giving gifts as an adult gets more and more difficult. As you and your friends start to grow your disposable income, you have the freedom to buy for yourself the things that would normally have to wait to be gifts. When birthdays, Christmas and other events from housewarming to Valentine’s Day roll around, it can leave you in quandary: what to get for the person who has everything?

Today we’re inspiring you with a few ideas for original gifts to give in 2018, so you’ll be everyone’s favourite friend.


One way to give a fantastic gift that will keep on giving is to pick an aspect of your friend or partner’s life and inject a little luxury into it. Life is gruelling, and with the UK working longer and longer hours transforming the more routine parts of life into luxurious treats is a great way to claw back some ‘me-time’.

Pick a part of your friend’s life you know they value and think about how to make a little more special. If they value their grooming, a gift of some luxury aftershave is thoughtful and is something that will make them think of you every time they get ready to impress!

For the friend that loves a cup of coffee in the morning, you have plenty of options, from coffee subscriptions that will give them an exciting new flavour each week, to new coffee gizmos and accessories like the Aeropress!


The gift you can guarantee a friend won’t have is a unique experience! Even if it’s something they’ve done before, treating them to hot air ballooning, or sports car driving is a treat they’ll be happy to revisit.

Of course, you’ll have to do a bit of research and careful though to fit the experience to the friend. Buying a flying lesson for some who suffers from crippling vertigo isn’t much of a present at all. If you want to give the gift of an experience, or tickets for something, but you’re not certain what would be a good fit, try talking to partners or family – find something they’ve always wanted to do but haven’t been able to, or something they love.

If it’s suitable for two, going with them is a great way to spend some quality time with a friend, and show them you really care. If you’ve treated them to theatre tickets, then buying dinner or some interval drinks is another little bonus present that makes the evening truly special for them!

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