My Mountain Adventure

Taken in Cades Cove

I know I haven’t had an actual post on here in awhile.  I’ve been a little busy since the kids got out of school for the summer.  We traveled to Pigeon Forge, TN on vacation for a few days.  I really didn’t want to leave the mountains. It was nice to just get away from the small county I live in for awhile.  I have tons of pictures but have only uploaded them to facebook. I am going to try to get a few from our trip posted here.  The 2nd day we were there, we drove to Cades Cove and took the 5 mile round trip hike to Abrams Falls. Half of the trail was uphill on the side of a mountain so it was challenging.  However, it was worth it to see that beautiful waterfall.  I found a spot to sit that was about 30 feet away. The breeze from the waterfall felt like an air conditioner.  I could have sat there all day. But I knew we had a 2.5 mile hike back to our car.  So we only stayed around 20 minutes or so.  My legs were so sore the next day.

The cabin we rented for the  4 days we were there was nestled on a mountain which proved a little difficult for my sisters SUV (which has a V6 engine by the way) to climb. It had 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a living room and a kitchen.  The porch wrapped around from one end to the other. One side was where the hot tub was located.  Of course, that’ s all Trey wanted to do the entire time we were there, sit in the hot tub 😀 . We decided to buy a few groceries so we could save money. We bought food for breakfast and supper but ate at restaurants for lunch.  There are so many awesome places to eat around Pigeon Forge so it was difficult to decide.  We ate at The Old Mill Restaurant (a must try if you are in the area), Mel’s Diner (because I love classic diners),and a New York style pizza place.  The only  night we didn’t eat supper at the cabin was when we went to see The Dixie Stampede. I wasn’t sure I was going to like it because it’s really not my kind of thing.  Since I had never been to a dinner show, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  First, they take you to the preshow area. They have a live band who plays country/bluegrass music. They really get into the music so it’s a lot of fun.  Then about an hour later, they take you to the main arena where the show is.  The food is amazing. They bring out this delicious creamy vegetable soup and home made biscuit.  Then at different intervals they bring you a whole rotisserie chicken, slice of smoked pork, corn on the cob, herb baked potato, and an apple fritter for dessert.  I don’t think I was able to even eat half of the food they brought to me. The show was very entertaining and not boring at all.  We also went to Wonderworks. It’s kind of like a science amusement park. They have all sorts of cool things including a few rides.  Then, on the last full day we were there, we went to Gatlinburg so we could visit the Ripley’s Aquarium. I have never been to an actual aquarium before.  Think; a zoo with sharks, jellyfish, and just about any kind of water life you can think of.  And they had penguins. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen penguins aside from TV before.  They were so adorable! We stayed in Gatlinburg for most of the day.

Since we split most of the expenses with my younger sister (who went with us) it wasn’t too expensive. I want to go to the beach next.  I guess that’s one really cool thing about residing where I do in MS.  I am about 6 hours away from the mountains and about 4 hours away from the beach.  Ok, well I don’t want to bore any one who is reading this with any more with the details about my vacation. However, I will try to have some more pictures up soon 🙂 .

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Congrats, Rhiannon!

My daughter’s dance recital program was Saturday. It was around 3 hours long and I’m surprised that I was able to sit still that long lol.  She and her group did 3 dances, 4 counting the finale.  She has been in a combo class this year and that includes ballet, tap, and jazz.  I personally think that tap is her best dance. She did extremely well with that routine.

After all of the dance routines were done, the dance instructor gave out awards.  Now, I live in a small town/county. Most of the kids who win things around here are the children of teachers or their parents have money or whatever.  That’s just how it’s always been.  Rhiannon has been in several school pageants and not won anything, it’s always been the teacher’s kids or the popular people in town’s kids who won.  So I was listening to them going through the awards after the recital and clapping but really just wanting them to hurry up (hey, it was 9 pm and I was hungry).  She got to the last award and it was the “Student of the Year” award and so I figured it would go to someone who had been taking dance for awhile.  The teacher was saying that the award was going to a student who was always on time, had a positive attitude, and brightened up the room.  When she said Rhiannon’s name, my mouth just fell open. I mean not that I don’t think she’s awesome, because I do. But I’m biased lol.  I was so happy that someone else saw that in her.  Along with her certificate, she received a cute little dance workout outfit and a free add on class. She’s thinking about taking lyrical and hip hop.

I really think that the dance instructor was fair with who she gave awards to for the simple reason that she’s not from around here. She doesn’t care who the kids’ parents are, she treats them all the same.  And to me, that says  a lot about her.  I have a lot of respect for her because she instructs kids as young as 3. I think she had about 10-12 little ones this year. She probably has around 30 students in all and she shows such patience with all of them.  You can tell she is definitely doing what she loves.


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Mother’s day, and other random stuff

I hope everyone had a great mother’s day! I spent the day with my husband, kids, sisters,bil,niece, and parents. We decided to have lunch at my sister’s house since most of the restaurants would more than likely be crowded. We had barbecue sandwiches and it was delicious.
I never ask my husband and kids for anything expensive on Mother’s Day. I guess because I can always think of better way to spend money than on new jewelry or whatever. However, my husband and kids made cards for me and that was enough. Not to mention, my husband took me and the kids out to eat Mexican cuisine on Friday. He also cleaned the house for me. Of course, since I have 3 kids, plus keep a 2.5 year old, the house didn’t stay clean long. Oh well, it’s the thought that counts, right?
I’m thinking I’m going to let the kids finish up their homeschool this week. Most of the public schools will be getting out in a week or so. I know Trey will be so glad because he doesn’t like school at all. He’d rather be watching youtube videos or playing video games. Hey, but what kid wouldn’t rather be doing that? LOL. Rhiannon has been really great at getting her school work done. I think she just likes to go ahead and work on it early so she can have the rest of the day to do what she wants. It’s good that she’s going to get done this week though because she has her recital on Saturday. She will have practice nearly every day this week for 2 hours each day. I am not sure if she wants to take dance next year or not. If not, I am going to try to find another extracurricular activity for her. I wish I could take the summer off to just hang out with them but it looks like I’m gonna be keeping two extra kids over the summer, along with the 2.5 yr old I already keep. Oh well, at least I will have a break from homeschooling 🙂

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