Win $150 worth in Wall Decals from Evgie ends 11/20

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Got a nursery or kids room you need to decorate? Enter to win some adorable decals from Evgie!

Wall decals are the best way to decorate a new nursery or even a child’s room. You can create a beautiful and happy scene in a room that you will spend many hours in with your child. It’s the best way to decorate a nursery or child’s bedroom.

EvgieNev makes removable sticker that are made using top-quality matte vinyl. They are perfect to decorate and add your personal touch to any space or switch themes in child’s room. Just peel and stick, it’s so easy! Included FREE test decal.

Here are a few of our favorites.


Teddy Bears Love Wall Decals

Inspired by Valentine Day and one of the most popular Winnie-the-Pooh like Teddy Bears features 5 cute teddy bears sitting on the tree and branch, flying on balloon with color combination of pinks for baby girls and blues for baby boys. You can pick also pick out any other colors from their color chart.

Under the Sea Nursery Wall Decals

This is a large under the sea nursery wall art scene with mermaid princesses and magic sea creatures. This wall decal has mermaids, underwater castle, dolphin, octopus, stingray, sea turtles, crabs and a treasure chest. It’s ideal for kids areas and will bring a vibrant energy and add your personal touch into your nursery.

Custom Flag Name Outer Space Wall Decals

Mind-blowing Outer Space wall decals theme features a custom flag name with space-walking astronauts, spaceship, aliens, asteroids and dots to create constellations. The elements come separately and can be arrange any way you’d like.

Safari Wall Decals

This Jungle Safari wall decals from their collection of nursery wall decals and baby wall decals theme is very popular. It includes 5 Monkeys a giraffe, a sleeping lion, elephant, a baby elephant, birds and more!

About EvgieNev Wall Decals:

  • Their decals get great feedback from their customers. And their customers come back and buy again! They have 621 reviews with a 5 star rating!
  • It is easy to remove the wall decals and redecorate at a later time
  • Find hundreds of animals, themes, landscapes and more coming from books, historical facts, and well-recognized charters
  • They are completely customizable! They have many themes and you can change out the colors!

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    • Enter to win a $150 credit to EvgieNev Wall Decals.
    • It is open Worldwide (but if you live outside of the US or Canada you will pay the difference in shipping. You can also pay the difference of a decal if you find more than $150 worth of products you want to buy.)
    • This giveaway ends on November 20 1159pm EST.

Blogger is not responsible to fulfill the prize. It could take up to 12 weeks for the prize to be fulfilled.

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Get Ready for Thanksgiving with Powerizer! Giveaway ends 11/13

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Can you believe that Thanksgiving is just around the corner?! I know, I can’t either!

Just in time for Thanksgiving, I have some tips to help you get your kitchen ready for turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, pies, and more.

It’s much easier to use the kitchen when it is organized and clean. With Powerizer Complete you will have 1 cleaner that can do it all!

Powerizer Complete is the only product on the market that offers the convenience of one product for all your cleaning needs. Bleach, softener, color booster, stain remover, dryer sheets, dish detergent, all-purpose cleaner, toilet and shower cleaner, window cleaner… leave them all on grocery store shelves from now on. So you will be able to use it in more than just your kitchen!

Here are a few ways you can use Powerizer Complete in your Kitchen:

Clean the oven with no harsh chemicals

  • Turn the oven on low to warm up the oven, make a solution of Powerizer Complete and use a microfiber cloth to cover the oven with the solution and let sit for a few minutes and wipe it up. For burnt or caked on messes, make a paste and let it sit. You may need to use a scrubber to get off more stubborn stains.

Pre-treat stains on any napkins or tablecloths

  • Mix a ½ scoop of Powerizer complete with 12- 16 oz of warm to hot water. Saturate the stain and use microfiber cloth if needed to rub out the stain. It can sit for up to 6 hours. Wash it out with Powerizer complete.

Wash fine dinnerware in the dishwasher or a soak in the sink.

  • Dishwasher – use ½ to ¾ scoop in place of your dishwasher detergent and it will get all your dishes clean.
  • Soak a ½ scoop in the sink with warm water.

Clean hard surfaces before cooking and baking

  • Mix ½ scoop of Powerizer Complete with 16 oz to 1 gallon of warm water to hot water in a spray bottle, squeeze bottle, dishpan or fill the sink and use a cloth with the solution to wash off the counters.

Tip – Always remember less water will make your solution more concentrated.

Get rid of the clutter of cleaning products and get everything clean the first time with Powerizer Complete.

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Giveaway details:

  • Ends: November 13, 2018 1159pm EST
  • Open to US Residents
  • 3 Winners – 3-pound bags of Powerizer Complete

Good Luck!

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Capresso EC300 Espresso Cappuccino Machine Giveaway ends 10/31

Here’s a giveaway that I’m sure every coffee lover will want to enter. Good luck!

Capresso EC300 Espresso & Cappuccino Machine Giveaway ($150 RV) Ends 10/31 @CapressoTweets @SMGurusNetwork

Welcome to The Capresso EC300 Espresso & Cappuccino Machine Giveaway ($150 RV)!

1 Lucky Winner Will Win A Capresso EC300 Espresso & Cappuccino Machine Valued At $150!

This giveaway is part of our Fall Gift Guide – Stop by to see all the giveaways and great products.

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1 Lucky Winner Will Win A Capresso EC300 Espresso & Cappuccino Machine Valued At $150!

Available On Amazon

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Enter below and Good Luck!

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Powerizer Complete Giveaway! ends 9/28

This information is brought to you by Powerizer Complete. All opinions are my own.

It’s back to school time! That means no more lazy days of summer. It means every morning you need to be up by a certain time ready to make breakfast and have clothes ready for school. You probably spent a small fortune on back to school clothes. And if your kids are anything like my kids, they have already managed to ruin some of their beautiful, new clothes.

My kids clothes end up with it dirt, grease, grass stains, ketchup, and sometimes even blood stains on them. Many times I run them through the wash, and they still have several stains on them. After just wearing the clothes one time, they end up in the stack of play clothes because they have stains that just won’t come out.

This school year – this is not a problem! Now that I have Powerizer Complete in my home it tackles stains that my old laundry products didn’t touch. As you will see in the examples below – everything got clean the first time, and the brand new clothes are not destroyed!

How To Use Powerizer Complete to get your laundry cleaner!

Easily pre-treat the stain:

Grab a spray bottle and fill it with water and the amount of Powerizer Complete powder based on the size of your bottle. Spray any stains and let them sit for a few hours before you wash them. I was able to use this pre-treatment spray on clothes that had been washed and dried serval times – and it still worked!

Replace Powerizer Complete with your regular detergent and let it work its magic in the washing machine!

Look at this white t-shirt that was worn to school. It had a variety of stains on it including grease, ketchup, and dirt. With a scoop of Powerizer in the laundry this shirt came out like new again after just 1 wash. Now special pre-treatments and no bleach was used.

The new formula of Powerizer Complete just launched and it’s better than ever! Plus it now comes in a 6.5 bag instead of a plastic tub. This was to help reduce the amount of waste going into the landfills.

A third party testing company tested the new formula against leading brands as well as the old formula.

According to the 3rd party testing – Powerizer Complete is the best in these areas:

  • Clay – Best
  • Dirt – Best
  • Ketchup – Best
  • Pet Stains – Best
  • Red Wine – Best
  • Blood – Improved
  • Cocoa – Best
  • Blood/Milk/Ink – Best
  • Grass – Best

Powerizer Complete was ranked the best for No Soil Remaining, No Spots and No Film left.

Powerizer Complete is not just for laundry! It can replace most of your cleaning products saving you money, time, and space! Clean out your cleaning cabinet and replace it with 1 powerful cleaner!

Powered by Green, Powerizer Complete is Your Complete All-Purpose Home Cleaner

Effectively clean your laundry, dishes, carpets, kitchen, and every surface of your home, inside and out, with one product.

  • Powers-Out: Dirt, Stubborn Soil, Tough Stains, Skin Irritating Residue & Odors, Machine Clogging Build-Up
  • Prevents: Etching & Rust
  • Eliminates: Hard Water Spots, Film & Soap Scum
  • Environmentally Safe: No Harsh Chemicals, Made with Natural, Biodegradable Ingredients & Septic Tank Safe
  • Concentrated: Use One Small Scoop or Less

Click here to buy Powerizer Complete now!

Powerizer – 1, Grass Stains – 0. ?

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Giveaway details:

  • Ends: September 28, 2018 1159pm EST
  • Open to US Residents
  • 3 Winners – 3-pound bags of Powerizer Complete

Bring Your Old Clothes Back To Life With Powerizer Complete + Giveaway

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