Want extra cash? Why Mums should become a private tutors?

Having a specific set of skills and being able to teach others is a special and valuable quality.

In recent years, there has been a demand for specialist subject teachers, personal tutors and private tutors that are able to extend their teaching hours, in order to offer their expertise to those who could benefit from one-to-one tuition in certain educational areas.

Particularly popular with children and teenagers who are about to undertake core exams such as their year 6 SATS, GCSEs and A-levels, offering your skills is a great way to earn extra cash, particularly if you are a retired teacher or are a current teacher with some spare time on your hands (if that is at all possible!).

With the average private tutor charging around £25 per hour, becoming a private tutor can be a great way of finding those extra funds for a summer holiday, home improvements, or simply extra cash for life’s luxuries.

But how can you become a tutor

Anyone can become a personal tutor. If you have the necessary skill sets and expertise, solid communication skills, and the ability to adapt your teaching skills to meet the learning needs of a wide range of abilities, then this could be a great cash earner for you.

If you have a passion for teaching and a limited amount of experience, or at least able to demonstrate a passion for teaching (a student teacher perhaps), becoming a private tutor like those on First Tutors is definitely worth considering.

But before you start advertising your services, it’s important to create a checklist of things you must do first, and make sure you do them all. These include:

Register for tax – You don’t want to have Mr Taxman on your back. Personal tutoring is classed as being self-employed, even if you also have a full-time job. If you decide that becoming a tutor is something you would like to explore further, it’s important to register with the HMRC – this is nothing to be scared of, it’s purely for tax purposes.

CRB Checks – If you are working with young adults and children who are under the age of 18, investing in a CRB check is a compulsory requirement. This is the first thing that many parents and schools will ask for.

What are the benefits?

As well as being a fail-safe cash earner, becoming a private tutor will also allow you to develop your teaching skills and your ability to interact and engage with students effectively on a one-to-one basis.

You can also work hours that suit you and your lifestyle. Whether that’s during the evenings, in the school holidays, or even at weekends, you can pick the hours that fit around your lifestyle.

Are you a student and want to earn extra cash?

You don’t even have to be officially qualified to become a private tutor. Many students who are studying to become teachers, set themselves up as private tutors as a means of funding their studies.

If you’re a student teacher looking to gain practical, hands on experience, becoming a personal tutor can also be a great way to put into practise what you have learnt on your course – it looks great on your CV and highlights your passion and desire to teach. Of course, it also gives you something to talk about when you start going to those dreaded interviews. And you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home!

How much should I charge?

That’s entirely up to you. Charges vary massively within the industry depending on the market and the subjects you are able to provide services for.

The value of your services tends to depend how much experience you have. If you already work in a school, it’s also important that you make them aware that you are also offering your services as a personal tutor. It’s often not a problem but if you are working with a student who you teach in mainstream education, a contract between you, the school and the parent needs to be drawn up.

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Education about the Online Dangers

Currently, children are quite accustomed to any sort of gadgets about which they know a lot more than the grownups. Youngsters within the age of eight or nine occasionally might even have problems in making use of the personal computers due to the fact, that through the last 3 years the laptops and smartphones conquered the major part of computer related market. Within the next decade the technology is predicted to develop so rapidly that completely different kinds of devices might overtook the place that smartphones or laptops currently have. Regardless, the younger generation started using laptops and smartphones in most areas of their everyday lives. Nowadays, you are able to accomplish a lot of the things such as delivering mail or paying bills while using laptop or computer with Internet connection. Children usually do not use libraries as a source of literature in educational institutions anymore. Right now all necessary data is accessible from the school’s internet site and after logging in, scholar can easily acquire every single publication he requires in electronic format. Setting up a visit to a physician, it’s really a matter of delivering e-mail. Children are carrying out their homework making full use of the web resources instead of studying books in order to find something helpful there. Currently, prepared answers for the tests are widely available on the Internet along with completed math or physics exercises. Because of the Web the process of learning has significantly transformed from the style, where students were supposed to find the information in the books or some other by themselves into more like reproducing style, where they mostly use prepared information by someone else.

Benefits from the Web

We are able to differentiate a great deal of benefits and drawbacks that are about making use of the modern technological devices and Internet by the children. The online world can teach the creativeness and also the understanding of the entire world in general. Obviously it will depend about what reasons push the the younger generation to use the internet. If it is focused on the Twitter and Facebook, the users will gain absolutely no positive aspects from it. However, if the children desire to expand their knowledge and also are greatly excited about the news information from all over the world, the Internet may be the excellent place to get it done. Teenagers can also grow their creativeness by using some specialized computer graphic or music programs. Also, there is a huge selection of educational video games which might be valuable for physics or math classes. As we can see, the Net supports a variety of areas where children can develop their skills.

Good and bad applications

Opportunity to spend good time and discover a little something with the help of the Internet is one matter, another thing is how you can get it done and stay risk-free simultaneously. There are numerous dangers that can strike from the Internet such as malwares along with trojans and viruses. Such harmful software might have huge impact on the computer devices. However, there also some risks linked directly to the users, particularly the children. Websites with inappropriate content like obscene pictures or videos or containing vulgarity and brutal violence, might very badly affect our children’s behaviour. In order to stay away from those problems, mothers and fathers really should take into consideration protecting their children through implementing specialized guardian software. Thinking of software, I mean parental controls and anti-virus applications. Education must begin when children are very young. It is really important that they are aware about both good and bad sides of the Internet.

About the author:

If you want to gain more knowledge, visit www.pcwebcontrol.com
PCWebControl is solid parental monitoring software. It is widely used in households along with public facilities.

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6 Ways to Ramp Up Home Security

6 Ways to Amp up Home Security

While you may feel that your home is the safest place in the world, chances are it is not as protected as it could be. A home is a safe haven and should always be kept as one. A home intrusion not only affects the physical being of a home, it affects the family’s peace of mind. Any family should take as many precautions as possible in home safety. Here are a few more things to add to your home to help amp up your home security.

  1. Alarm System

A home security system is always one of the best additions to a home. Luckily, there are a varying range of alarm systems that vary in prices. This makes it easier for families to afford to put an alarm system in their homes. Systems can vary from just an alarm to full home coverage. Do your research and see the range of home security systems available. Some families might prefer Lakewood home security while others might choose a DIY home security system.


  1. Deadbolt

Deadbolts are simple and cost effective additions to your home security. Grab a couple deadbolts from a home improvement store. Install them on the front door and back door of the home. This will add extra strength to these doors. No one will be able to pick the lock or kick the door in.


  1. Lock it up

All access points to the home should always be secured. Make sure all the locks on the windows, fences, and doors are working. If they are weak or broken make sure to replace them. Everything should be locked up tight at night or during the day when no one is home.


  1. Showcase

Whether you have installed a home security system in your home or not you should still find alarm system signs. Display these signs in the front yard or a front window. The signs will dissuade potential intruders from trying to enter your home. Putting a “beware of dog” sign on a fence, in the yard, or window will also help in protecting your home. Burglars try to find easy targets, a security system or potentially noisy dog will not make for an easy break in.


  1. Recycle

Do not dispose boxes of expensive items in the trash or on the curb. Boxes from a TV purchase, camera, etc. show that there are things of value in the home and will peak a thief’s interest. Cut up the boxes and hide them in the trash or take them to the recycling center yourself.


  1. Is Anybody Home?

Always give the appearance that the home is occupied even when it is not. Say goodbye to someone when leaving the home. You never know if someone is watching your home to make it a potential target. Leave a light on in the home at night or the TV on. Burglars are less likely to enter a home that is obviously occupied.

These are just a few of many simple ways to ramp up home security. With a break in happening every fifteen seconds it is important that your home does not become the next target. Get creative; there is no end to home security techniques.


Image Source: http://homeinformationguru.com

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Quick Tips For Being Your Own Handyman (or Handywoman)

Marietta Tile ShowroomImproving your home can really change how you feel about your personal space feels to a person. You can take simple ideas and apply them to your remodeling and decorating. The article will provide you to look at for ways of improving your home improvement advice.

Think about installing solar panels on your roof. Although it may be expensive to install the panels, you will probably find that the cost is worth it. This can help you to save your electricity bills since your home will be using mostly the stored energy coming from the sun. This is a great and natural way to give your impact on the environment. You need PVC cement and PVC primer to attach two PVC pipes. You need to make sure you use products only on your pipes because other cements or glues can cause the pipe to leak later. Make sure the pipes are dry before attempting to glue them together.

When a contractor comes out to assess problems and begin work, get a contract. A contract protects you from being exploited or paying more than you agreed to. If you fail to get a contract, you may wind up being taken to the cleaners.

Get references from anyone you hire to do improvements at your behalf. Think of it in terms of importance as you would when looking to hire an employee for your business. You have an idea what their background is and know if the work that they’ve performed elsewhere has been satisfactory.

Chair cushions begin to flatten out over time with use. A great way to bring life back to your cushions is setting them in the sunshine. The sun will help remove some of the bounce by evaporating moisture that has accumulated in the cushions and give them new bounce. Be aware that fabric color is subject to fading in the sun, because the colors of the fabric can fade in the sun.

If you are about to undertake major renovations to your bathroom, consider planning and building one that is handicap accessible. You don’t have to do a conversion right away, but it can save you time and prepare everything for when you get older in the same place. If you are planning to sell in the future, these preparations will surely add to your house’s value. If you are becoming bored of your current home or need more space, take some time to consider a type of home renovation project first.

Marietta Tile Showroom

A repainted garage door can add curb appeal to any home. Garage doors are subject to rain and snow year round, which can cause them to look older than they are. A new coat of paint helps make your whole house look newer and more valuable. This article pointed out that renovating your home can change your feelings about it. Many methods exist for improving the house, but some are far more feasible than others and require a little extra planning or purchase at your local retailers. Stick to the ideas and tips presented here to help you get the most out of your next home improvement project.

For busy Marietta homeowners, tile flooring is a practical and beautiful option. Why waste beautiful sunny days in the house, vacuuming carpets and shampooing rugs? Tile floors only need a little maintenance and care, leaving you with plenty of free time. Plus, the high quality floor tiles that we sell will resist stains and permanent damage. With just a little care and maintenance, a premium tile floor, like the ones we offer at Federal Tile Imports, can last for many decades to come.

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