I Did It!

Even thought I didn’t get to walk across the stage, I received my Bachelors in General Business from the Mississippi University for Women.  And with a 3.5 GPA to boot.  I was an ok student in high school but didn’t really work as hard as I should have. I put a lot into my university classes though. I made sure I completed assignments on time.  I really didn’t think I’d end up with a 3.5 this semester because I decided to take a Strategic Management class. Had I known that I would be required to complete a group project, I probably would have found another class to take. Afterall, I didn’t need that specific class to graduate. I just needed to have full time hours.  For one, the class was a zoom class.  If Covid hadn’t happened, the class would have been on campus and I wouldn’t have been able to take it seeing as how the campus is 2 hours away.  I didn’t know anyone in the class and when it came time to organize the groups, I had no idea who I would be in a group with.  I ended up in a group with 3 college age guys.  Now, they were all incredibly nice, but I did not know how to converse with them.  I mean I have kids their age LOL.  We ended up with a C on our project which brought my A average in that class down.  I think that the project would have been more successful if we had been able to meet in person.  I was just glad when the semester was over.  However, since I had A’s in all of my other classes, I still managed to keep my 3.5 GPA.

I have no idea what kind of job I want now though. I’d love to work from home but those jobs seem hard to find. I thought about maybe working in HR, but sometimes I think I’m too much of a pushover to work in that department. I’m an introvert so I’d be happy to just be in a back room filing papers LOL. I’ve got to find a job soon though because I have student loans to pay back.




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Wow…it’s already fall!

I haven’t meant to neglect my blog. I have been so busy with school. I decided to go back and get a Bachelor’s in Graphic Design. I do have an Associates, but it’s a technical degree so I didn’t have to take stuff like College Algebra or English Composition.  I actually had already taken English Comp I several years ago. So I am taking English Comp II this semester. It is kicking my butt. I am normall a A/B student in English, but apparently writing papers is just not my thing.  At least not the way this teacher wants me to write.  As far as College Algebra, I had to drop it.  I wasn’t doing too hot in that class and I just didn’t understand the material. Of course all of my classes are online. I’m thinking that maybe I should have taken College Algebra on campus. I’m not sure I would have grasped the concept much better, but at least I’d be able to ask questions in real time.  Math has never been my thing anyway. I started having trouble with math in probably 6th grade. I just can’t wrap my head around math concepts, especially College Algebra. It’s like I’m trying to read a foreign language.  School is just making me feel really stupid right now.

My younger two are in full swing with homeschool.  My oldest is 20 now and works away from home for several months at a time. He’s in South Carolina right now.  He’s also newly engaged. It’s crazy that I have a child who is old enough to be getting married.  His fiancee is the sweetest girl. They’ve been dating for 4 years so she’s already pretty much a part of our family, but I’m glad it’s going to be official.  My stepdaughter moved to Ohio with her kids. She didn’t even tell me in advance or anything, so my feelings were hurt.  I had the kids the previous weekend (3 yr old and a 7 month old) and took them back home on Monday.  I messaged her later that week to check on her and the kids and that’s when she told me that she and the kids had moved.  I was dumbfounded to say the least. I’m not sure exactly what happened.  She just said that she couldn’t handle staying in the apartment complex she was in any longer.  I understand that, but sheesh, did she have to move 12 hours away? I was used to getting the kids every other weekend or so and now I’m going to have to drive to get them.  And I’m sure you’re wondering why Ohio? Her mom moved there a few months back. I’m hurt because her mom rarely helped her or the kids. I was the one who took my stepdaughter places she needed to go and babysat the kids while she worked. So for her to just up and move was kind of a slap in the face.  I don’t expect a medal for helping her out, but a little appreciation would be nice.

So yeah, that’s what’s been going on around here the past few months. I’m going to find some giveaways to post, so check back soon!

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School, work…etc

Hey Everyone! I know it’s been awhile since I posted. I recently started classes for graphic design. I already have a degree in medical office technology and I tried for a couple of years to get a job in that field, but didn’t have any success with that. Then I was a childcare provider for awhile.  I got tired of the long hours and low pay. The kids weren’t usually the problem. It was the parents who didn’t want to pay on time or they would want to dock my pay if they didn’t bring the kids (or if I was sick).  All I can tell someone who is thinking about being an inhome childcare provider is make sure you get contracts. I don’t care if the person is your family or friend. I tried to take the nice route instead of the professional route and I ended up overworked and underpaid.  That was my main motivation for going back to school.

Graphic design is something I’ve been wanting to learn for awhile and I’ve done a little bit. But I want to learn the advertising aspects and even learn how to make better graphics.  I would love to work for myself as I don’t think I do well in an actual office setting. I am more comfortable in a home office. I’ve still got at least another year of classes so I guess I will just have to see what is out there once I graduate.

I am still homeschooling my younger two. Rhiannon is 16 now and Trey is 11. Rhiannon did think about going back to public school but decided against it. She prefers to be able to do her school work on her on time and I understand that.  Trey just would not do well in a public school. He’s so used to being homeschooled and he prefers being here.  My oldest is working full time and for awhile his job had him away from home. But now he’s been home for the past few months and he’s working locally.  I love him but I wish he’d help out around the house.  He’s 19 and makes decent money,but yet he gets mad if we ask him to pay a bill or two(like the internet or water bill, things he uses).  I don’t charge him rent so it’s the least he could do.

Also, my 19 year old pregnant stepdaughter is moving back in with her daughter after not speaking to us for 5 months. I wasn’t excited about letting her come back and stay, but it was either she stay here or live on the streets. And I can’t let my grandchildren be homeless.  Of course, I’ve caught attitude from some people, which is to be expected because they know how she has treated us in the past.  But it’s just not in me to be a hateful person.  My stepdaughter is supposed to be waiting for an apartment to become available so I am praying that happens soon.

I think that just about catches y’all up on everything. I am hoping to post more giveaways soon, so look for those!

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Sneezing and headache and watery eyes, oh my!

The hubby and I tid-10042902ook the kids to the Hattiesburg Zoo today even though I really didn’t feel like going. My sinuses/allergies have declared war on me and right now, they’re winning. I am hoping to go to the dr tomorrow and gets some meds and/or a shot to help me defeat this pesky mess.  I never knew it was possible for one side of my nose to be stopped up while the other side poured like a faucet. The constant watering eyes and sneezing isn’t fun either.  Oh and let’s not forget the pressure inside my head that feels like someone is tightening a vice.  I have no clue if I have a fever or not because my children seemed to have misplaced the thermometer.  So all I have to go on is my husband feeling my forehead and saying “Hmmm, you feel a little warm.”

So I had to nicely let my boss know that I wouldn’t be able to watch her baby tomorrow so that I could go to the doctor.  I just don’t think that with the way I feel that I would be able to adequately be able to care for her kid.  I hate taking off, but sometimes it’s needed. And I’m really at the point in this job where I’m contemplating on quitting right before Christmas break anyway.  That’s a whole other post that may get written later.  But that has nothing to do with me taking tomorrow off. I feel like poo so therefore I’m taking off to go get meds so I can work the rest of the week and not feel like I’m about to fall over.

I get what I call the “sinus crud” about once a year. Last year I had it so bad that I had fever and chills. I almost thought I had the flu.  I figured it wasn’t the flu though because it only lasted for a few days. So I’m trying to get some meds before it gets to that point this year.  I really hope that the nurse practitioner actually does her job though and gives me something that works instead of just throwing amoxicillan at me.  Ok, she doesn’t literally throw it, but she writes that prescription for every kind of illness. And as much as I hate shots, maybe I’ll convince her to give me one to help encourage my sinuses/allergies to chill out for awhile.

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