Dear Facebook Friends, stop adding me to groups

Dear Facebook Friends,

Please for the love of my sanity, stop adding me to your latest sales group.  I don’t need overpriced diet pills, supplements, wraps, lip  balm, face creams, cleansers, or wax melts.  I get added to at least 2 of these groups a week with no one bothering to ask me if it’s ok.  Then I have to go switch off my notifications so my feed isn’t blowing up all day long.  I know,I know, you are trying to start your own business.  I get that, I really do. But why would I pay those outrageous prices when I can go to Wal-mart and get nearly the same thing for half the price.  I know, you ask “Well, wouldn’t you rather support a small business than a huge corporation?”  Yes and no. If my finances permitted, I would absolutely buy more from small businesses. And I do on occasion. However, most of these “businesses” are basically MLM and you aren’t running a small business. You’re selling products for a larger company who probably pays their CEO fairly well.

I have seen you post ads on your facebook and for the most part, I can ignore that because, hey, it’s your facebook.  But if you choose to post sales ads all day long, I may choose to unfollow you.  But I think it’s really tacky to add people, who are probably not interested to your “sales/party” groups.  I am not saying this to make you angry. I am just verbalizing what most of your facebook friends won’t.

Also, please, if you don’t talk to me on a semi regular basis, don’t message me with stuff like “Hey, girl! We haven’t talked in awhile, but I want to know if you’re interested in ordering “XYZ”. It really works!”  If you haven’t spoken to me outside of facebook and you only message me with stuff like this, you may just find yourself unfriended.

I know it may take a little longer, but please be courteous of others. Ask if they wouldn’t mind being added to a group before you just start clicking “add”. I keep hoping that facebook will add an option to where you can opt out of being automatically added to groups but until then, please stop trying to sell me stuff. Unless it’s food. Then I might consider, but only if it’s like chicken or something.


Your annoyed friend,



If it ain't broke don't fix it.

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Beware of Payday/Title Loans!

I don’t usually post about financial things on this blog because I am no expert on the matter. However, in this case, I feel like I can keep others from making the same mistake as my husband and I have.

Let me start off by saying never, ever take out a title loan or a payday loan. I know it’s tempting especially when you need money, like yesterday.  These companies are predatory lenders. They prey on people who are financially strapped.  Over the years my husband and I have used several of these at one point or another.  We’ve always paid them off.  Of course the interest rates are outrageous.  You pay double what you borrowed.

We have taken out payday/title loans because things have come up and we needed the money at the time for bills. I should add that my husband has a job where he gets paid hourly.  Sometimes he has short weeks and doesn’t make as much. His checks can vary by at least $200.  So it’s hard for us to budget. I’m not saying impossible, but difficult.

This is NOT a post where I want anyone to feel sorry for me.  I just want to warn other people so they will steer clear from companies like this.

Back to the original story.  My husband was supposed to go in on the 6th and pay it off, but it completely slipped his mind. We’ve had to deal with some things going on with my stepdaughter so we are a bit stressed.  The manager of this particular title loan business called my husband this morning and they verbally agreed that he would come in on Thursday at 9:30 and pay the car off.  Around 30 min later, someone drives off with the car.  No knock at the door or nothing. My husband had to go find the car so he could get his work tools and badge out.  He is then told he not only has to pay the car off but also the repo fee in order to get the car back. They told him he has until Thursday or they will sell the car.  With the way they are doing business, I don’t trust that,but we won’t have the money until Thursday.

I did some legal research and found that in the state of Mississippi, a verbal contract is legally binding. However, when he told the manager this, the manager said it wouldn’t hold up in court.  Oh how I wish I had an attorney friend who could call and tell him he was wrong.  I am sure these places know the laws though and they probably skate just about what’s legal to get away with things like this.

I realize some of you are thinking “Man, they are so stupid.” or “I’d never do that.”  That’s fine.  This post is not for you. It’s for those who are thinking about using a payday/title loan service.  These businesses know that once you get in that cycle, it is very difficult to every pay it off.  That’s how those businesses thrive. I wish I had advice for those of you who are struggling financially and considering borrowing from these places.  I would say borrow from a reputable source such as a bank. But when you have bad credit, that’s not an option. I would say the best option, if you need money to pay a bill, ask a family member and make sure you pay them back.  I hate borrowing from family, but it’s better than getting taken to the cleaners by shady lenders.

Again, this post is not an attempt to get people to pity me.  But if I can at least help one person with this post, then that is good enough for me. That’s what I want.  In my opinion, these places should be shut down. Their interest rates are ridiculous and their tactics are less than honest.  I don’t see how anyone with a conscience could own a business that takes advantage of people like that.  I guess the love of money is greater than the love of people.  stylewars

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I Miss My Camera……

My camera decided to poop out on me,so I guess I’m going to send it in to have it fixed. I have a backup camera but I want mine to work. And as I was thinking about cameras, I thought back to a few years ago when a local photographer decided to stalk my blog(to this day I have no clue how she found it). She never commented but she messaged me on facebook and some of the stuff she said I knew she had read my blog. Oh and another reason is that I mentioned I really wanted to buy a full frame camera (D800) but how I did’t have the money to spend on it. Within the next week after I had written that post, she went out and bought one.

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Freelancing, not all it’s cracked up to be….

I’ve been freelancing with a company for the past couple of weeks. It’s more of a part time job. I’m not going to mention the company by name, because hey, I still need the job. It’s basically a proofreading job. And oh my gosh are they picky. I could understand the pickiness if they paid more. The people who get the file before me must be extremely lazy. But they get paid if they only get part of it right. If I don’t edit it just so, I don’t get anything. So if I don’t get the format exactly right, then I’ve just wasted my time working on it. And most of the time, it’s not major things. I am a stickler when it comes to spelling and grammar, so that’s all right. One thing I’ve learned about freelance jobs is that most people want you to work for next to nothing. You have to work twice as hard to earn half the money.

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