Looking for Modest Swimwear? Try Lyra!

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Do you love to swim but have a hard time finding modest swimwear? If so then check out Lyra’s
burkini. They have so many cute but modest styles available. Modest does not have to equal boring!

Their swimwear is made from the finest Italian fabric and come in several different styles and colors. Lyra’s swimwear is feminine while maintaining full coverage modesty. The founder of Lyra,Ikram, came up with the idea of modest swimwear because she loved the outdoors and swimming but had difficulty finding a swim suit that was modest enough for her that wasn’t an oversized tshirt and leggings. What’s great about Lyra is that it is lightweight and you can customize it. Whether you’re looking for full sets or separates or just leggings and wraps. You can do it any way you want!

Lyra’s swimwear is fitted but is not revealing and is something that any woman can feel comfortable wearing. I know some women are more modest because of religious beliefs but I can see how this would be great for young moms too. I can’t tell you how many times as a young mom I wanted to go swimming but felt uncomfortable baring so much skin. I would have loved to have had something like Lyra so that I could have felt less insecure and self-concious about my body. These suits also have built in UV protection which is an added bonus.

There are so many options to choose from but here are a few of my favorites:
Sofia crop

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Cricut Deals through 1/29

This post contains affiliate links, and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Cricut has some great deals going on right now, but hurry before they expire!

Cricut.com is offering Free Economy Shipping on orders $99+ with code SHIPJAN or JANSHIP through 1/31.

Maker 3 machine only $399! Valid through 1/29.

Explore 3 machine only $299.99! Valid through 1/29.

Save $150 on the Maker machine! Valid through 1/29.

Explore Air 2 on sale for $179! Valid through 1/29.

Joy machine on sale for $169! Valid through 1/29.

EasyPress Mini only $49. Valid through 1/29.

EasyPress 9×9 only $139. Valid through 1/29.

EasyPress 12×10 only $189. Valid through 1/29.

Mug Press on sale for $179! Valid through 1/29.

Save 30% on Iron-On! Valid through 1/29.

Save 30% on Pens & Markers! Valid through 1/29.

Save 30% on Maker-Only Materials! Valid through 1/29.

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Music Equipment Stores

I live in a rural area so it’s difficult to find a music equipment store near me. I usually have to drive about 45 minutes to go to the closest one. That’s why it’s just easier for me to order from one online. I don’t have to stand in line or search endlessly for what I need. I can just use a website and search and get results in a few seconds. So instead of having to drive for 45 minutes and then spend 30 minutes in a store, I can spend 5-10 minutes on a website. That sounds more appealing to me.

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Ernie Ball Guitar Strings Are The Best!

My oldest son plays acoustic guitar. If you know anyone who is a guitarist, then you know that strings break often.  This is usually the case with my son. He used to buy the cheapest guitar strings he could find.  But they broke all the time. Now, he will only use Ernie Ball guitar strings. They don’t break nearly as much and they sound so much better than the cheap strings. So really, when I buy Ernie Ball guitar strings for him, I am saving money because they last so much longer.

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