Enter to win a coupon for a bottle of Purex No Sort detergent

I received a bottle of Purex No Sort detergent to review. All opinions are my own.

Do you like to sort laundry? Me either! And because of this, my kids and husband may or may not have ended up with pink underwear (that were not pink to begin with lol). Also, what if you don’t have enough colors to make a whole load of laundry? Wouldn’t it make more sense to wash some whites along with it? I am a big fan of Purex anyway and now that they have the new no sort detergent, I am an even bigger fan! Purex No sort has anti-color-transfer technology that traps the dyes so that they don’t transfer on to other clothes.
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Sooo… with that being said, who wants a coupon for FREE No Sort Purex? I have 2 coupons so that means two winners :).

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  1. I do sort our laundry because I don’t like to mix underwear with regular clothes. I also wash towels & washclothes separate as they tend to create lint.

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