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*This post is a sponsored post, however all opinions are my own

Ok, so I know a lot of you high school grads are not even wanting to think about school right now (hey, you just got a break after 12 years, right?) But for those of you considering going to college, there’s a text book site you should know about. It’s Textbooks can be really expensive and many times it’s cheaper to just rent them instead of buying them. Really, how many more times are you going to use that English Comp or Algebra book once you ace the class? It’s free to ship both ways and you can highlight the book as if you own it. You can save %40-%90 off of bookstore prices and you don’t have to stand in long lines either! Also, CampusbookRentals donates to Operation Smile for every book rented.
Here’s a video all about that wonderful program:

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